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Just a quick post this morning!

I’m actually off to work today! When I was in undergrad, I worked weekends at a farmer’s market to give me a bit of spending money during the week. When I found out that I’d be unemployed for the summer, I let my old boss know that I was available if he needed some extra help. As it so happens, his regular girl is gone this week so I’m chipping in today and Saturday. Nice to pull in a bit of extra moolah 🙂

Today’s breakfast was a quick one pulled directly from the pages of Julie. Two fried eggs, cheese (I used a wedge of Laughing Cow) and a smear of jam on a whole wheat english muffin. That is something I would never try if I had not seen it in the blogworld – jam is pretty much the best thing you can put on an egg and cheese sandwich!


Other plans for the day involve going to see a certain stripper movie 😉 and grabbing some dinner with my momma. Looking forward to it!

Have a lovely day everybody!

<– Let’s talk Magic Mike! Have you seen it yet?


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