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Getting in the Greens.


Good evening!

I had a long day, but a good day today. Let’s get right to it!

After I finished work I headed to the gym to do Livefit Day 32 – Arms/Abs/Cardio


3 x 10 barbell curls (30 lbs)


3 x 10 standing inner bicep curl (12.5 lb dumbbells)

3 x 10 cable hammer curl – rope (27.5 lbs)

Normal sets:

3 x 10 alternate hammer curl (15 lb dumbbells)

3 x 10 tricep extensions (20 lbs)

3 x 15 tricep dips

3 x 10 seated tricep press (25 lbs)

3 x 25 tricep pushdown – rope (20 lbs)

3 x 25 air bike

3 x 25 jackknife situps

3 x 10 leg raises on captains chair

30 minutes on the elliptical – zoning out to Food Network Star

Another day done! Even though I’m in phase 2 right now, I’d still like to do a review of phase 1 soon – while it’s fresh in my mind. Also something to note: While I’m following the workouts closely, I am changing up the occasional exercise – due to personal preference or gym equipment available.

Magic Mike

Oh, goodness. Let’s discuss, shall we?

Although the movie doesn’t have the best storyline, needless to say, I was entertained. I went with my mom and a group of girls – obviously a group of females  is the best way to see it. I saw maybe 3 males in the crowded theatre – and they did not look happy to be there, haha.

As a huge True Blood/Alcide in True Blood fan – this was pretty much the reason I went (not that Channing Tatum hurt). I rather enjoyed looking at him/his body parts (ahem). Certainly was not a disappointment!

Did anyone else find that the actress playing Brooke was kind of awkward? I did not find any sort of chemistry between her and Tatum’s character.

(Magic Mike pictures taken from here)

The Eats


romaine, carrots, tomato, red onion, peppers, old cheddar, ham, balsamic dressing.

Lunch was a packed salad, plus a bunch of samples from work. My job was at a cheese stand in the Western Fair Farmers Market. And c’mon, when a chunk falls off the cheese you’re cutting, clearly you’re supposed to snatch it up 🙂

Preworkout was an unpictured Granny Smith apple the size of my head. Seriously, massive.

Post workout I whipped up a quick protein smoothie to have before I headed over to the theatre.

3/4 cup almond milk, frozen banana, 3/4 serving protein powder, handful spinach

I adore this protein powder. This smoothie tasted  like a Reese’s, but with a bit of banana added.

After the movie, we headed to the Jack Astor’s across the road.

My mom and I got the spinach and artichoke goat cheese dip to split as an appetizer. Sorry, no photo – overcome by the I-take-pictures-of-my-food-in-public shyness 🙂

But I wanted to remember the gorgeous salad I got as my main – the Smiling Buddha.

Mixed greens, quinoa, chicken breast, strawberries, pears, cucumber, spiced pecans, honey dijon dressing

Considering that Jack’s is more of a burger/sports bar sort of place, I was really impressed with this salad! Although I realized about halfway through eating it that it was supposed to come with goat cheese – le sigh. The addition would have been amazing, I love me some goat cheese.

I just realized how many greens I got in today – I’m sure my body is appreciative. 🙂

That will definitely keep me satisfied tonight!

Until tomorrow!

<— Do you feel awkward taking food pictures in public? In certain restaurants, or with certain company? Do tell!


3 thoughts on “Getting in the Greens.

  1. SAM! I’m so glad to see (from Meg’s High 5 Friday!) you finally started a blog!! I too am in the process of creating my own after reading them for years and years so I know what an accomplishment this is!! Can I put you on my blogroll? Congratulations sweetheart, I look forward to lots of wonderful posts!

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