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Hitting the Bend


Hello bloggies!

So ridiculous heat means this needed to happen today….


Although clearly, we were not the only ones with this idea…


(P.S. random beach people – I hope you don’t mind/don’t find out that I posted your picture on the internet. K thanks)

We drove up to Grand Bend – it’s a small beach town on Lake Huron about an hour north of London. In the winter, it’s like 90% retirement community – but it’s pretty much the best beach in the area in summertime. The beach is gorgeous and fully stocked with lifeguards, boat/seadoo rentals, giant trampolines out in the water, ect. (those trampolines are genius, BTW). The main strip is filled with shops, restaurants, and about 12 places you can get ice cream/frozen yogurt. Clearly the most important thing.

Before going, I made sure to stock up on the beach snacks…

WW Pretzels and trail mix. So prepared..

(Why yes, I do like my President’s Choice).

And we were good to go!

Absolutely perfect day for the beach – sunny and hot.

The beach trifecta.

Obviously, sunscreen needed – not that it seemed to do too much in the end. Despite applying (and reapplying) sunscreen throughout the day, I’m still sporting a nice burn along my one side/leg, I really need to learn my lesson and bring some sort of umbrella/shade…my skin is way too sensitive in sunlight!

Note to self: get better at sneaky self-portraits.

We had a little bit of a late start (my fault – my time management skills have gotten lax in the last year or so) so we got to the beach around 1. We found parking (Ugh, parking at the beach. Biggest.ripoff.ever.) Despite the hour, we were able to get a prime spot – nice and close to the water. We stayed there until about 4:30 pm, when we headed into town to window shop/get some food. So nice to catch up with Mel – she’s a good friend of mine I hadn’t hung out with in a while!

Afternoon Eats

I snacked on the pictured pretzels during the afternoon, but we eventually decided we needed some real food. Lunch/dinner…linner?

We went to Cocos lounge – a patio on the main strip. (That’s the underside of the umbrella at our table – a crazy grass contraption. We thought it was awesome)

Jerk Chicken Sandwich and Side Salad

Clearly, the sandwich isn’t too much to look at. Chicken breast, lettuce, pickle, one slice of tomato. The chicken was a bit dry too. However, I absolutely loved the seasoning! I never had anything “jerk” before, but I’m a huge fan of spiciness in my food. It was almost an aftertaste though – like I didn’t realize it was spicy until I finished eating it. Or maybe that’s just a sign that I need to eat a little slower. Whatever 🙂

I also had a bite of the fried pickles that Mel ordered. Umm…yea. I didn’t really like them, but I didn’t exactly dislike them either. I love dill pickles, but having them fried was just weird to me. I’m ok with that though – the fewer things I have in common with Snookie, the better. 🙂

A random pet peeve of mine – I absolutely hate it when restaurants charge a ridiculous amount to get a salad instead of fries. Just sayin’. 🙂

Later at home, I made myself a quick snack (dinner? Is there a word for dinner-snack?)

1% cottage cheese, blueberries, trail mix.

I’m a huge fan of that PC trail mix – almonds, walnuts, banana chips, cranberries, pineapple. It’s the banana chips – so good.

I’m off to bed – I’m at the market bright and early tomorrow.

G’night! ❤

<— Do you burn even when you wear sunscreen?

<— Fried pickles – yay or nay?


4 thoughts on “Hitting the Bend

  1. That jerk chicken sandwich looks really good! I always burn to a crisp despite the crazy amounts of sun screen that I wear.

  2. Mmm that sandwich with the chicken does indeed look great! I don’t usually burn at all, thankfully my skin is not too sensitive, but I do always put sunscreen on, that is for sure!

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