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I’m about to die a hot, sticky death.


Good morning loves!

I got up this morning, grabbed a snack and headed to the gym first thing. Livefit trainer Day 33!


1 warm up, 3 x 10 upright dumbbell row (15 lb dumbbells, 20 lb dumbbells)


3 x 10 upright dumbbell row (17.5 lb dumbbells)

3 x 10 standing dumbbell military press (15 lb dumbbells)

Normal sets

3 x 10  incline bench dumbbell delt raises (8 lb dumbbells)

3 x 10 bent over dumbbells flies (12.5 lb dumbbells)

3 x 10, 1 @ dropset lateral raise (8 lb dumbbells, 12.5, 5)

3 x 10, 1 @ dropset seated bent over rear delt raise (15 lb dumbbells, 17.5, 12.5)

30 minutes medium intensity running

I had originally planned on running outside this morning, as the heat usually doesn’t bother me too much. But oh my god – right now, it is so hot it is ridiculous. Like, pretty sure it’s actually dangerous to run outside, even at 8:30 in the morning. I decided to stick with the treadmill today – I kept the pace between 10:00 and 11:00 minute miles while watching Live!


Side note: Rose Byrne is Australian! Am I the only one who had absolutely no idea?

I’m pretty sure I sweat more walking back to the car than during my entire workout. I love me some sun – but seriously, wow.

I’m smiling, but really – parking lot death.


This morning’s breakfast was a protein pancake, courtesy of the TIU girls.

I fricken’ ADORE this recipe. Tastes like a massive, indulgent pancake breakfast – but high in protein and super good for you.

I topped my pancake with some peanut butter and caramelized banana slices  – the recipe only uses half a banana, and this is what I like to do with the other half – slice it and throw it in a pan for a few minutes to allow the sugars in the banana to caramelize a little bit. So sweet!

Caramelized Awesome.

I threw some peanut butter on there too!

Considering the disgustingness of the weather lately, my friend Mel and I have declared today a beach day! 🙂 Anyone else finding some water today?

Have a good one!

<— Will you run outside in super hot temperatures?

<— Seriously, Rose Byrne’s Australian?

6 thoughts on “I’m about to die a hot, sticky death.

  1. this heatwave is the WORST! way to bang it out anyways lady. congrats on the blog! hope you are enjoying blogging…and yes, i had the exact same reaction when i found out rose byrne was australian. like what???

  2. I don’t exercise outside in general haha – in the spring it’s nice out in terms of weather but you suffocate on pollen; in the winter it’s too cold (well, not in FL, but I’m from New England so that’s what I’m used to); in the summer it’s too hot, and in the fall there are lots of fungal allergens floating around. =( I do wish I could though!

    • Hi Sable!
      Ugh, not gonna lie, that would not make me want to move to New England – here I’m usually good to work out outside in the fall, summer and spring. Can’t do it if it’s too cold though, it gives me really bad sinus headaches.

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