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Adventures in Suburbia + Phase 1 Review


I spent part of my afternoon with with little monster…

Just kidding. He’s actually a cutie.

His name is Leon, and he’s my future MIL’s dog. He’s an 8 year old toy poodle who kinda thinks he’s a badass.

Since the crazy humidity finally broke, were able to take the dog for a long walk around the neighbourhood.

Aren’t they cute?

We went to a park near our house, and found trails through a random bit of woods behind it.

Gunning for Leon’s favourite.


It was a nice way to get outside for a bit – and I mean, you can’t go wrong with a cute couple dog walk. It’s so cool when you discover new find in your own backyard, don’t you think? I have a feeling we’ll be hitting up those trails a few times this summer.

Ignore the inappropriate length of my shorts – they’re pajama shorts and I was too lazy to change. 🙂

Just as an fyi – Eric works in teaching, so we both get to be off this summer. Holy couple time.

Also made sure to get caught up with these people…

I love True Blood. So much. I felt like last season was a bit of a fail – but they’re redeeming themselves a bit this time around. The only thing I find is that if you read the books, you have to completely separate them from the show. The basic idea is the same, but they take the series in a whole different direction.

If you didn’t gather from my Magic Mike post – I’ve also got a slight obsession with Joe Manganiello.

The fact that he’s been getting more important storylines lately makes me extremely happy. 🙂

The Eats

His and her lunches.

Needless to say, the plate of grilled cheese and ketchup was not mine. 🙂

I debated what I wanted for a while and went for my old fallback – the snack plate.

Baby carrots, bell peppers, pretzels, hummus, string cheese, grapes, almonds, zucchini banana chocolate chip bread. I got full before I got to the almonds.

Lots of different tastes and textures that kept my mouth extremely happy. 🙂


After all my international cuisine over the weekend, burgers and fries seemed like the best idea for tonight.

Yves meatless beef burger with lettuce, tomato, pickles, banana peppers and honey mustard; sweet potato fries with ketchup.

I ended up ditching the bun halfway through – too much bun for one little burger.

Sweet potato fries are easily one of my favourite sides – I slice them up, toss them with olive oil, salt, pepper, cumin and chile powder (I prefer a spicier over a sweeter SP fry) and bake them at 425 for 45 minutes, turning once. Easy-peesy. 🙂

Phase 1 Review

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m currently in the middle of Jamie Eason’s Livefit trainer.

But I figured I could manage a phase 1 review, even though I finished it up a few weeks ago.

I’ve always been a cardio girl – my workouts mainly focused on running and elliptical, with some light weights thrown in. Once I started lifting heavier and noticing how much it made a difference in my body, I decided I wanted to focus on that for a while. I had seen a lot of talk about this program floating around the blogworld (including Janetha’s success with it) so I decided to give it a try.

Looking at it, I noticed something that freaked me out. Absolutely no cardio for phase 1 – that’s four weeks. For the first 2 weeks, you only work out 4 times a week. For me, that was terrifying. I’d been doing loads of cardio and working out 6 days a week for a long time, so I was afraid that if I stopped for so long (especially because I wasn’t following the meal plan) I would immediately gain weight. Although I’m happy with where it is currently, I was definitely afraid of that number going up.

Once I understood why she took out the cardio, I decided to stick with the plan as closely as possible. She cuts it out for the first phase to focus on muscle building – if you’re doing excessive cardio, your body can’t build up muscle as well as it could otherwise.

Despite my misgivings (and extreme anxiety), I decided to go for it. And you know what? Once I got used to the lack of cardio – I actually really enjoyed the break it gave me!

The workouts typically took me about 40 minutes to complete, so it was nice to be in and out of the gym quickly. It was odd for me to end my workout without even breaking a sweat – but I could definite gains in my lifting abilities, as well as see the changes in my body.

And I did end up gaining about 2 pounds, but to be honest – I don’t care at all. I was happier with what I saw in the mirror after I completed this phase (it was probably mainly muscle anyways, which was my main goal with this program).

Unfortunately, I don’t have any before/after pics for you, but I can tell you – I could see more muscle definition in those four weeks than I could in the months before of lighter lifting.

So overall – I thoroughly enjoyed it and was eager to move on to phase 2, so I could continue seeing the positive changes in my body.

On that note – have a good night!

<– Any other livefit-ers out there? How was your experience with it?

<–Talk True Blood to me – enjoying this season so far?


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