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It Sucks You in Like a Vortex of Awesome.

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^ Eric’s description of the blog last night. That might be the best description I’ve ever heard – for anything. 🙂

Another event of last night: I finally broke into this beast.

Hello, beautiful.

The vegan Whoopie Pie I got from the farmer’s market Saturday!

It was one of those planning-on-taking-a-few-bites-and-then-half’s-gone sort of situations. It was delicious!

I wasn’t sure how well they would pull off the buttercream – and while it did come off as a little bit gritty, it was perfectly sweet and creamy. The layer in the middle was insanely thick, which I loved. I’ll take icing over cake 99% of the time.

The cake part surprised me too – It was fluffier than I expected. Obviously it was denser than a traditional whoopie pie, but still fantastic. I definitely will not have any trouble finishing that off this week. 🙂


Gym time this morning: Livefit day 38 – Legs.

For those of you unfamiliar with the program, it’s done in two week cycles. Basically, you do one series of workouts for two weeks. So today’s leg workout is the same as last Wednesday.

  • 2 x 30 leg extensions (55 lbs)
  • 2 x 15, 2 to failure wide stance barbell squats (75 lbs, 95 lbs – up 5 lbs from last week)
  • 4 x 8 leg press (90 lbs each side)
  • 3 x 20 walking dumbbell lunges (22.5 lbs each side – up 2.5 lbs)
  • 3 x 10 barbell step-ups (45 lbs – up 5 lbs)
  • 3 x 15 plie dumbbell squat (50 lbs – up 5 lbs)
  • 3 x 20, last set to failure horizontal calf raises (150 lbs, 170 lbs – up 40/20 lbs)
  • 3 x 20, last set to failure standing calf raises (75 lbs, 95 lbs – up 0/5 lbs)


Yay getting stronger! I remember when I first started using the leg press machine about 6 months ago, I could only put about 35 lbs on each side. The fact that it’s now up to 90 makes me pretty ecstatic 🙂


Today’s breakfast was protein pumpkin cookie dough.

Tastes so good, photographs so horribly.

I added some mini chocolate chips on top and throughout for fun.

Enjoy your Wednesday!

Stay tuned for a post this afternoon – I’ve decided I’m going to go into a little bit more detail about my experiences with anoxeria. if you’re interested, make sure you look for it later today!

<– Any fitness gains lately you’re particularly proud of?


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