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I Really Wish I Liked Coffee.


Back here again today!

That means I’m bright and early for a quick breakfast.

My TIU protein pancake, topped with banana slices and blueberries.

My lunch is packed and ready to go…

Today I have a sandwich with ham, lettuce, tomato, honey mustard, and hummus. Carrots and cherries on the side.

Easy and portable:-)

Ugh, early.

This is one of those days where I wish I drank coffee. The taste of it doesn’t appeal to me whatsoever – just tastes bitter and nasty to me. The only way I can tolerate it is if it’s it about 10% coffee, 90% sugar (in a mudslide, for example :-)). I guess that just means I don’t have to worry about developing a caffeine dependency?

Have a good day!

<– Coffee love or coffee hate?

<– Are you a morning person?


3 thoughts on “I Really Wish I Liked Coffee.

  1. I am definitely a morning person… but not so much a “cooking in the morning” person (which is crazy since I’m 100% a cooking person). I am a huge fan of things I can make ahead of time and grab for breakfast… and your pancake looks AMAZING.

    Which leads me to my question: Do you know if you can slightly under-cook them and freeze them like regular pancakes?

    • I’m honestly not 100% sure. It has a pretty similar texture to regular pancakes, and I’ve seen recipes before that involve freezing protein powder. I think it would definitely be worth a shot!
      Although if you plan on reheating it in a toaster I’d break it down into 2 or 3 pancakes – they come out pretty massive.

      Let me know how it goes!

      • I’d more likely just make a couple and baggie them individually to be microwaved in the morning. I’ll give it a shot with one and see how it works.
        Thanks a bunch 🙂

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