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Lunch for Breakfast and Breakfast for Lunch

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Hello loves!!

I hope everyone had a lovely Sunday/Monday, I just got home from Toronto a little while ago. Warped Tour was definitely an experience! I had some awesome times (the music) and less-than-awesome-times (being caught in an hour and a half of pouring rain) but overall, I enjoyed it a lot.

I snacked throughout the day and ate dinner with drinks at 10:30 pm at night, so it was definitely practice in changing up my schedule and going with the flow. More indulgent and random than everyday, but it felt pretty freeing to just live in the moment for a while. I mean, when I’m doing something memorable like being on vacation or at a huge festival, I don’t want to be worrying about what I can find to eat that matches my ideal healthy lunch, you know? Sometimes it’s nice to just forget about it.

I’ll be sure to post a recap of Warped later this week!

As for my day so far…

Mel and I slept in nice and late, before heading out to do some exploring/shopping. Her brother lives near the Greek district outside the core in Toronto (and was nice enough to pick us up from the concert and let us crash on his futon), so we headed over there to find a late breakfast and do a little bit of exploring.

We did a little bit of shopping before finding a place to stop, and I learned a very valuable lesson.

Going into candy stores before breakfast is not the greatest idea.


Bulk chocolate is hard to resist, especially when you’re hungry!

We stopped at Sugar Mountain for a little while, and oh dear lord. Candy EVERYWHERE. From your run of the mill chocolate bars to European/British candy I’ve never even heard of. I stood in front of the bulk candy bins for a little while and knew I wasn’t leaving without some coming home with me. 🙂

In that bag, I’ve got: Chocolate covered cookie dough, double-coated chocolate covered blueberries, chocolate mint pearls, chocolate streusel cake almonds, and some sort of chocolate/peanut butter balls.

Do you think I like chocolate much? 😉

I always keep a stash of chocolate in the house so I will be enjoying these, but I do plan on sharing. I made sure to sample on the bus ride home and I can assure you – everything I got was absolutely amazing.

Breakfast/Meal 1

Can you call it breakfast if it comes at 12:30 in the afternoon?

What if it’s a chicken gyro?

We were in Greek town – so that seemed like a good way to go. Marinated chicken with tzatziki sauce, tomatoes and onion on a pita. A tad on the greasy side, but that makes it feel more authentic to me. Not the healthiest breakfast ever – but that’s the ‘balanced’ part of a balanced lifestyle, I suppose!

McDonald’s bathroom picture…loving every moment of my weekend!

We got on the bus at 2:30 pm and were back in London by 4:45 – I was really impressed with Greyhound this weekend. Both our buses left and arrived on time, no matter what traffic was like. Their prices are pretty reasonable too; I won’t have any problem travelling with them again.

Lunch/Meal 2

When Eric and I got home from the bus station, he wanted to make some eggs. Considering my breakfast consisted of lunch food, eggs sounded like the perfect choice – I love breakfast foods so I always want to squeeze them in somewhere. 🙂

Eggs over easy, cherries, and a slice of bakery bread with goat cheese.

Considering that I snacked on the bus a bit too (needed to taste test my purchases, clearly) consider me stuffed. 🙂

<— Ever eaten lunch or dinner for breakfast?

<— Are you a chocolate lover or a candy fiend?


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