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Sometimes, Dinner Happens at 10 pm.


Sometimes it happens two nights in a row. 🙂

Considering that i didn’t have lunch until 5:30, clearly dinner tonight was going to be late as well. Considering that I’m tired – needed to be easy. And by easy, I mean throw something in the oven.

In my household, that means frozen pizza.

Specifically, McCain Ultra Thin Crust Pollo Pizza. 1/3 of the pizza for me with steamed green beans on the side.

Is it organic? No.

Is it particularly healthy? Not terrible, but not great.

Ingredient list? Tolerable.

So on a night when I don’t want to cook – it will do.


…did not happen today. I was going to try to go after my lunch, but I got busy with blog related stuff and to be honest, I wasn’t really feeling up to it. Just means that Livefit will continue tomorrow. I’m counting all the standing/walking/dancing yesterday (my rest day) and the walking I did today as a workout.

So overall today, I skipped my workout, I ate too few fruits and veggies, too much sugar (I finished off the pizza with the last 1/4 of the Whoopie Pie I still had lying around) and too many refined carbs.


I’m learning to be ok with these days though. They happen sometimes, and that’s why it’s called ‘balance’. Sometimes you have a really good day, sometimes you don’t. You just have to trust your body to make up for the bad – and it will.

So…more veggies tomorrow, yes?



<– Do ‘off days’ with eating cause guilt for you?

<– What do you reach for when you don’t feel like cooking?


2 thoughts on “Sometimes, Dinner Happens at 10 pm.

  1. I think healthiness means being able to have days like these! They’ve happened to me a lot lately, too (esp. that dinner at 10pm thing, haha)

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