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I Drank the Kool Aid.


Two new blog updates for you today!

1 – I’ve finally got around to adding the about me page. Took me long enough, right?

2 – I’ve been resisting doing something for a long time. I promised myself I wouldn’t do it but….I’ve gone back on my promise.

I drank the Twitter Kool-Aid.

And am enjoying it more than I ever thought I would.

@Sprinkled_Sam – you should follow me. 🙂

In my personal life I was really against it for some reason – I was determined to think it was boring and pointless.

But…I have been proven wrong, my friends.

Onto the eats!


I have been a bit of a ravenous beast today. One of those “can’t-stop-thinking-about-food-why-am-I-so-hungry-all-the-time?” sort of days.

I guess with my longer workouts, it can only be expected, right?

A beast of an appetite requires a beast of a lunch salad.

I’ve got spinach, romaine, carrots, red bell pepper, cucumber, grapes, blueberries, chicken and goat cheese, topped with balsamic dressing.

Honey whole wheat pretzels on the side.

Clearly, I just wanted as much food as possible in my belly.

Just worked on blog stuff this afternoon – love me some lazy days. 🙂


Dinner tonight was courtesy of my MIL and Costco.

Costco rotisserie chicken, red potato salad with dill, and a side green salad with the last of my homemade balsamic dressing

I don’t know about you, but I freakin’ love costco chicken. Something about them is just so damn tasty!

Hopefully, my crazy appetite today has been satiated, but I make no promises – probably be a snack later tonight of some sort.

Night bloggies!

<– What do you go for when your appetite is insatiable?

<– Are you on the Twitter bandwagon?


4 thoughts on “I Drank the Kool Aid.

  1. Oh gosh my appetite is never satisfied but when it is EXTREMELY outrageous… i just try my best to fill up on protein and veggies! i never ignore hunger cues because it only makes it worse for me!

  2. I fought twitter for a while, but I’m OBSESSED now! It’s so much fun when you interact with other bloggers/like minded people! @kitchenkm

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