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Foodie Paradise.


How do I turn a bad day around?

I bake cupcakes. 🙂

I’ve got a family BBQ on Saturday, and whenever there’s a family event, I’m in charge of dessert. Without fail. It’s my favourite thing to make, so I’m ok with that. I decided to go with Courtney’s Oreo Cream Cupcakes, and judging by how awesome the batter was (yes, I eat raw batter…salmonella be damned) those are going to be some fantastic cupcakes. 🙂

This afternoon, Eric and I went out to run some errands. After a quick stop at Costco, we went to what may be my new favourite place on Earth.

Remark Market is a cute little market in London that I had surprisingly never been to. My aunt works next to it and raves about it all the time, so I told Eric I wanted to stop there today to look around.

Oh, sweet Jesus.

This is what heaven looks like to a foodie. A huge meat counter with lots of organic and local meats, tons of fresh and local fruits and veggies, hard-to-find artisan crackers, chips, oils and other shelf-stable items…

A massive cheese counter – I counted about 8 different kinds of goat cheese. That excites me to no end.

And a bakery that smelled positively intoxicating. Lots of artisan breads, pies, muffins, cakes…I wanted one of everything!

The fact that I managed to walk out of there with only one small bag took a lot of restraint on my part. I hate how I’m moving 6 weeks after I discover this place!

The haul:

I came home with:

  • Tyrrell’s Sweet Chili and Red Pepper potato chips – Eric’s pick but I’m definitely curious!
  • Virgin Coconut Oil – I’ve seen it floating around the blogworld for ages but haven’t tried it yet. Any ideas for me on what to use it for?
  • some massive beefsteak tomatoes
  • Stubb’s Honey Pecan BBQ sauce – I discovered this sauce during a trip to the States last year, I’m a huge fan! I love BBQ sauce and this brand seems to have better ingredients and a little less sugar than most.
  • Strawberry Vanilla Vinaigrette – I love sweet dressings, so I’m looking forward to trying this one!

Definitely a good trip!


Although I was definitely hungry by the time we hit the market and some of their prepared food looked AMAZING, I figured we were already spending enough money so I should hold off till I got home for lunch.

The last of Tuesday’s turkey burgers with mozzarella, topped with some of my new BBQ sauce. A side of carrots, bell pepper strips and cucumber with Skotidakis Jalapeño yogurt dip.

The BBQ sauce was definitely a good purchase – sweet and tangy, the way I like it! The pecan oil added an interesting nutty flavour to it as well.


Eric had requested chicken quesadillas sometime this week, so I went for it tonight.

I made up a batch of my guacamole and got started on the quesadilla filling.

In that pan, I’ve got: chopped chicken breast, bell pepper, green onion, chopped spinach, salt, pepper, chile powder, cumin, a little bit of chopped cilantro, and a bit of salsa to hold it all together. Once the chicken was cooked and the spinach had wilted, I set it aside.

In another pan, I heated up a large tortilla, added grated cheese to one side (I used cheddar, but Monterey or pepper jack would be amazing here), threw the filling on top, and folded the tortilla over. I cooked it for a few minutes, flipped it and waited for the cheese to melt, then voila! Quesadilla. Repeat if cooking for more than one. 🙂

I love quesadillas for that reason – so quick and easy.

My plate:

Unfortunately, because I made the cupcakes right before dinner, the ridiculous amount of batter that I managed to consume pretty much killed my appetite. So I only plated myself half of one quesadilla. Salsa, sour cream and guacamole on the side.

Even though I wasn’t too hungry for it – still a tasty dinner. 🙂

<– What are your favourite foodie places in your city?

<– Do you have a special course or dish you’re expected to bring to get-togethers? What is it?


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