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Adventures in Coconut.

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Happy Friday night bloggies!

Today was nice and sunny without being humid, so Eric and I headed over to my best friend’s place to spend some time with her…and her pool. 🙂 Made for a lovely afternoon! We had a drink by the pool (beer for them, a Bacardi Breezer – Lemonade Spritzer for me…first time trying it, and it was actually pretty good! I love rum-based drinks and this one was nice and refreshing) and snacked a little bit on Baked Lays in Ketchup flavour.

Question for my non-Canadian readers: Do you guys have ketchup chips? Or is that strictly a Canadian thing? Just out of curiosity.


Meet: my order pretty much every time I go to Subway.


Oven baked chicken breast on wheat with: swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, green pepper, cucumber, black olives, banana peppers, and honey mustard sauce. Looking at it now, buddy went a little nuts with the honey mustard, didn’t he?

Eric tried the new pulled pork option. I grabbed a bite, and it was actually pretty yummy!

All in all, a good afternoon with my favourite people. 🙂


Come dinnertime, I wanted to break one of my newest purchases.

I was in the mood for shrimp, so I thought this would be an excellent way to cook them up. 

I put a dollop of coconut oil in a pan with some minced garlic, then tossed in some huge zipperback shrimp with pepper and seasoning salt.



Oh goodness, this was tasty. The oil added just a hint of coconut flavour to the shrimp. Since shrimp and coconut are pretty much made for each other, it made me happy. 🙂

On the side, I cooked up some couscous in chicken broth and added steamed broccoli.


Awesome, awesome dinner. Got full Eric approval as well!

And what did I do after dinner?


Finished up these babies

The BBQ I’m bringing them to is tomorrow, and I’m not expecting to bring any of them back home.

Hope your weekend is off to a great start!

<– Have you used coconut oil before? What did you do with it?

<– Big weekend plans?


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