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I Love That Annie.

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Good evening! I hope everybody enjoyed their Sundays. πŸ™‚

This afternoon, I headed back downtown to meet up with my mom and aunt at Victoria Park. One thing London is really good for is summer festivals – there’s one practically every weekend.

This weekend was the Home County Music and Art Festival. They just changed their name from the Home County Folk Festival – so basically, they have a big focus on folk music. It’s nice to just go there for the afternoon, set up a blanket or a lawn chair and enjoy some free music.

The other big thing is art – this year, they had over 120 craft booths. We saw lots of pottery, jewellery, paintings/photography…lots of different things to look at! Considering that I’m getting a new apartment in about 6 weeks, I made sure to look at a lot of the home decor – I definitely need ideas! I’m actually so hopeless when it comes to interior design – like literally, I have no eye for it whatsoever. I feel like once we get it set up, I’m going to need TONS of help in the decorating department.

I loved looking at all the jewellery – there was everything from big costume-y jewellery to tribal jewellery to jewellery made with Swarovski crystals. We found a little booth selling necklace pendants 3 for $20 – my mom found 2 she liked and bought me a third one. πŸ™‚


Hard to tell from the picture – but it’s a a deep blue with a lot of sparkles/glittery-ness. I definitely love anything glittery (girly much?)

Something that kind of surprised me at the festival:


An honest-to-god food truck. I watch Eat St. on the food network all the time and wish London had some of the ones I see on the show – there’s some real creativity there! The fact that I actually saw one in London bodes well. This was a tart and salad truck – it looked really good! They had one with yams and goat cheese – Unfortunately my still none-too-pleased stomach was not feeling a salad, otherwise I would have been all over that.


One thing about hangovers – no appetite. I snacked on a few of my mom’s fries at the festival and made myself this plate when I got home.

Baby carrots, cucumber, bell pepper, Applewood Smoked BBQ triscuits, hummus and going-brown-but-still tasty gucamole. Simple snack plate. πŸ™‚



I was not feeling anything too fancy for dinner – enter Annie. I made up two boxes (so we’d have lots of leftovers) of Annie’s White Cheddar and Shell pasta, and threw in leftover rotisserie chicken and steamed broccoli. I snacked on a lot of chicken while making dinner – clearing feeling the lack of protein at lunchtime!

Love Annie’s for a quick dinner.

My awful sleep has certainly caught up with me – I’m exhausted! My plans for the evening: finish doing laundry and watch tv for a while, and crashing out early.


<– Do you have food trucks in your city? What’s your favourite?

<– What’s your favourite piece of jewellery you own?Β Mine is a tie between the silver necklace with diamond shards Eric gave me for Christmas, or the opal ring my best friend gave me for my last birthday (October birthday, so opal’s my birthstone).


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