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Human Garbage Disposal.


My to-do list for the day:

  • vacuum
  • clean bathroom
  • watch True Blood
  • add a blog roll, recipe page and fitness page to the blog


By the afternoon all was accomplished – I love feeling productive 🙂


My MIL returned from a weekend at her trailer with this:





A big pile of freshly-caught rainbow trout. As in, was pulled out of the water yesterday morning. I love fish – but for some reason I don’t pick it from the grocery store often.

So it had been a little while since I had trout – clearly this baby was going straight into my lunch.


A big pile of spinach with baby carrots, cucumber, tomato, yellow bell pepper, grapes, and rainbow trout.

Drizzled with the strawberry-vanilla vinaigrette I picked up last week – this was my first time trying it. Although I liked it, it was a little weird – almost too sweet (and I never say that about anything).

But I will definitely be picking away at the fish for days to come.

This afternoon I got some blog work done – I added a fitness page, a recipe page and a blogroll. It made me realize how many blogs I actually read in a day – I’ve got a massive list going! No wonder I spend so much time on my computer. :-p


The MIL had brought home a shepherd’s pie as well, so we brought that out for dinner.


I had a nice big slice with some baby carrots on the side. Unfortunately, it’s not sitting in my stomach well at all – feeling a tad bit sick to the stomach. 😦 I guess that just goes to show you – you minimize preservatives and additives and other weird ingredients from your diet, when you eat them again your body just reacts badly.

The Raging Appetite

Something I’m actually struggling with a bit right now – my appetite. In the last few weeks due to the intense workouts and my increased muscles, I’m definitely hungrier and requiring more fuel to keep me going. I feel like I’m hungry every 20 minutes! I generally only show my main 3 meals on the blog, but believe me – there is a lot of snacking going on behind the scenes.

I know this is something my body needs, but I’m finding it difficult right now. I have a set idea in my mind of how much I should be eating, and the fact that this seems to be going up is bothering me more than it should. Coming from an eating disordered past, I’m well aware of how many calories I generally eat in a day (I find myself getting in the habit of calorie counting every once in a while, although I’m trying to break the habit for good), so eating more is proving to be a mental challenge for me.

However, I know that this increased appetite is because my body needs it. My hunger signals have pretty much reset themselves to work properly (when you have an eating disorder you generally don’t feel hunger the way you should) so I know this is necessary if I want to keep gaining strength and working out at this level.

Just something I wanted to mention – but I will continue to try and honour my hunger and fuel my body as much as it requires.

But for right now, my stomach is feeling a bit queasy – time to lie down for a bit.


<– How do you deal with increased hunger levels?

<– Do you count calories? Macros? Anything?


2 thoughts on “Human Garbage Disposal.

  1. I tend to eat more when my body tells me to, but I make sure it is all clean. I count rough estimate of calories just to make sure I’m not way over what my body truly needs for my height/weight.

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