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Now That’s a Blonde Moment.


So apparently I’m a genius.

I just got a new laptop about a month ago because my old one had crashed (not a fan of Dell products…they last for a year or two, then out of nowhere – DEAD). I paid the $90.00 few for a file transfer, mainly for my music library. 

The other day, I THOUGHT I had transferred all my music files out of the backup folder and onto my computer, so I deleted the backup fold without hesitation.

I thought my Ipod could use an update so I plugged it in last night. Because it had to sync with a new computer, it had to erase all the previous files on it. Which I thought was fine. Except when most of the music came up as “file not found”

Apparently I didn’t copy everything over properly – only a percentage of music made it onto my hard drive. And the file was too big for the recycle bin, so it was permanently deleted. Oops.

So my 1400 + song library has been reduced down to 240. Awesome.

Somehow, I think I’m going to be busy the next few weeks. 😦

Livefit day 53 – Shoulders/cardio

  • 4 x 8 seated arnold dumbbell press (17.5 lbs, up 2.5 lbs)
  • 4 x 8, last to failure seated bent over rear delt raise (17.5 lb dumbbells, up 2.5 lbs)
  • 4 x 8 pain-in one arm dumbbell press (17.5 lbs, up 2.5 lbs)



  • 4 x 8 front dumbbell raise (10 lb dumbbells)
  • 4 x 8 standing dumbbell upright row (20 lb dumbbells)


Normal sets

  • 4 x 8, last 2 dropset side lateral raise (10 lb dumbbells)
  • 4 x 8 reverse flies (16.5 lb dumbbells, up 2.5 lbs)
  • 30 minute medium intensity run


A little bit faster than last week’s run! I love how I’m starting to get my cardio stamina back. I was worried that 4 weeks of no cardio would absolutely kill it, but it’s returning to me at a good pace, which makes me happy. (p.s. hello, camera reflection – yes, my camera is bright pink and I love it. :-))


After my workout this morning, I was able to head straight for the shower because my breakfast was already waiting for me in the fridge.

The Breakfast Cookie!


For this version, I used peanut butter chocolate protein powder (obviously), peanut butter, half a mashed banana, a little bit of cinnamon and a few drops of liquid stevia. I sliced up the other half of the banana on top.

Although Gina recommends making it the night before, I can never decide what I want for breakfast until the morning of. I made this version before I went to the gym, so by the time I got my workout in, got showered and dressed, almost 2 hours had gone by and the texture was fine. I don’t know if it’s quite what it would be if I left it overnight – I’ll have to experiment one day!


My mom has the day off, so I’m off to spend some time with her this afternoon. Thrilled to be spending some girl time with her 🙂

Yay Friday!

–> Your last blonde moment?

–> Do you get to hang out with your mom often? 



5 thoughts on “Now That’s a Blonde Moment.

  1. Oh no, that must be so annoying with the music. It might be a good opportunity to go through your music though, I did it recently because I’d been given so much stuff from friends and found myself skipping through songs for about three minutes to find a song I actually wanted to listen to!!
    I wish I got to see my Mum more, I live in Thailand, so only see her when we’re on holidays together. I’m going back to see her for 6 weeks soon, and can’t wait!

    • I’m trying to think of it that way too! There was absolutely no way I liked every single song on that Ipod – it’s a new beginning of sorts.

      Too bad you don’t get to see her more often, I’m sure it makes the holidays extra special though!

  2. Ahhh that sucks about all your music! 😦 I would be so seriously bummed!

    Hope you had a fun time with your mom!

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