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A Good Day For a Survey.


Eats and gym? All done this morning, but I’ll get to those later today. On a Sunday morning it feels appropriate to steal borrow a survey (this one from Ashley).


This or That: Health and Fitness

1. Run/workout in the heat/humidity or freezing temps and snow?

I’ll take heat over coldness any day of the week. I don’t love running in hot weather, but I’ll do it. I don’t run outdoors at all once the temperature drops – I get awful sinus headaches if I try, even if I’ve got a million layers on.


2. Have washboard abs or flat abs?

I’m definitely of the apple body shape – flat abs are pretty much impossible for me unless I get my body fat down to a really low level. That being said, I think washboard abs would look a little bit intense on me. If I had my way, somewhere in between would be awesome – flat with some definition.

I’ll take a set of these, please.


3. Dr. Oz or the Doctors?

I watch the Doctors more, but I think they both have their issues. Dr. Oz wants me to take a supplement for everything in existence. I already take a multivitamin, a fish oil capsule, and a calcium/vitamin d chew daily. I don’t really feel compelled to add green coffee extract and saffron extract to that list. Whereas the Doctors like to tell me the surgical alternative for every body issue a person could ever have. Calf implants? No thanks.


4. Cardio or Strength?

I go back and forth. Right now, I’m really enjoying strength training and watching my muscles get bigger and stronger. But ask me again in 6 months – the answer may have changed.


5. Cravings: Protein or Carbs?

Although I try to eat a protein-focused diet, once in a while I get a good carb craving. French toast is where it’s at.


6. Jillian Michaels or Bob Harper?

Don’t make me chooooose! I love them both, but I would have to pick Jillian. She’ll completely kick your ass in the gym, plus I have the majority of her workout videos and I like them all. She seems really knowledgeable and I love her approach to food – focus on whole, natural foods while getting rid of the preservatives and other crap.



7. Frozen Yogurt or Ice Cream?

This survey is definitely about the hard questions! If I’m scooping a bowl to have at home or in a cone, then I’d rather go all out and have ice cream. If I’m being offered self serve froyo, then I can’t ever turn that down.

Secret lover.


8. To train: upper or lower body?

I naturally put on muscle a lot easier in my legs, so I enjoy working on those. I also feel like I get a better workout in when I do lower body – I don’t even work up a sweat for upper body workouts. At the same point, because my legs have always been toned I don’t see as much difference on a regular basis, whereas for my upper body I can see a huge difference in my arms and shoulders within a few weeks. So I guess I just need to keep balancing out between the two.


9. Protein powder or food with protein?

I absolutely adore my protein powder and have it on an almost-daily basis. I want most of my intake to be from natural, whole foods though, so I try to cap it at a daily serving of protein powder. For the majority of my protein I focus on eggs, fish, cottage cheese, greek yogurt and lean meats.


10. Lunges or squats?

I love to hate lunges – when I’m doing them I’m cursing their existence, but they’re so effective so I have to love them a little bit. Squats I just love all around, so my answer is squats. 🙂


12. Workout attire – cute or comfy?

I focus more on comfy than cute. I go to the gym first thing in the AM – so sans makeup or nice hair, still rubbing the sleep from my eyes. At home, I’ll just throw on a sports bra and shorts. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with finding something that covers both categories!


13. Body pump or heavy lifting?

I’ve actually never taken a body pump class before! I love group classes but for some reason I find that one intimidating. I’m definitely a huge, huge fan of heavy lifting.



13. Yoga or Pilates?

Yoga! I did Pilates a bit in high school, but I started with yoga a few years ago and I enjoyed it a lot. Naturally, I’m ridiculously inflexible and have the tightest hamstrings in existence – yoga helps me stretch everything out. Before Livefit I was taking a yoga class once a week; I want to start that up again when I’m done with the program.


14. Nike or Adidas?

Nike, Nike, Nike.


16. Running on the treadmill or outdoors?

I love running outside!! Treadmills get a bit boring for me, so I have to cap it at 4-5 miles, tops. I much prefer running in fresh air and looking at everything around me – I watch enough tv as it is, I’d rather not do so when I’m working out, too.


17. Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s?

I have yet to go to either one 😦 Although Chelsea and I were just discussing this yesterday…there’s a Whole Foods up where she lives so I may just have to take a drive up there soon for a Whole Foods/Lululemon date. 🙂


18. Summer or Winter Olympics?

I prefer summer. I’ve been watching pretty much everything so far and I’ve been loving it! I got on the elliptical this morning just in time to watch Canada win their first medal of the Games in the women’s 3 metre synchronized diving! 😀  I particularly enjoy watching gymnastics, beach volleyball and the diving events.


19. Exercise Videos or Exercise Classes?

Exercise classes for sure. I’m a huge fan of BodyAttack, as well as yoga and flow classes. I do have an arsenal of  videos at home though, I like always having options for workouts.


20. Steamed veggies or roasted veggies?

I feel like I’m pretty much the only blogger that prefers their veggies steamed. I love a roasted white or sweet potato, but in general – broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, green beans, ect. I prefer steamed. Thinking about it now, I’m pretty sure most of my veggies are actually consumed raw.

Raw veggies and dip or dressing = the majority of my vegetable consumption.


<– Pick one or two or the above questions and answer them for me!

<– What do you like to do Sunday mornings? I was up and at the gym this morning, then a quick breakfast. Probably another relaxing day around the house today.


6 thoughts on “A Good Day For a Survey.

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  3. Loving your survey post girl!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, too!

  4. That french toast looks delicious!

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