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If It Involves Toppings on Bread, It Counts As Pizza.


Good evening!

I hope you guys enjoyed this morning’s confession period! During some downtime this afternoon, I made sure to squeeze some Sims 3 action in there. 🙂



First off, this sweet potato is effin’ massive.


As much as I love sweet potatoes, I would not be able to find room for all of that baby.

So…half it is. While this is a good start to lunch, I did manage to have a massive fail during preparation.

The pepper grinder broke as I was grinding pepper onto my eggs.


Umm…yea. Oops. (see, this is why I got the four-leaf clover tattoo – this stuff happens to me all the time!)

I managed to pick off most of the peppercorns (and get out the plastic pieces!), but still – a more peppery lunch than I would have liked. 😦

The biggest disappointment: it broke one of my eggs. Sadness – I love my runny eggs.


Sweet potato with 2 sunny side up eggs and a little bit of goat cheese. Have you tried the egg/sweet potato combination yet?

Because you really, really should – so good.

Some baby carrots, cucumber slices and tzatziki on the side.

Between this morning’s pumpkin, and the carrots/sweet potato in my lunch, I am apparently feeling the orange foods today (the eggs were free-range, so even the yolks were kinda orange-y).

When I was really young, I decided purple was my favourite colour. When I got a little bit older, I changed my mind and went with orange – I think it’s because I won a massive stuffed animal at the fair one year using the colour orange on a coloured-dice roll game.

Thankfully, I came to my senses and switched back to purple. 🙂 But orange foods are still a good way to go.



Holiday Monday = lazy dinner.

I decided I wanted to use the focaccia bread that I got from my mom yesterday, but wasn’t really sure what to do with it. I decided it looked kinda like a pesto pizza to me, so I used it as such.


If it involves toppings on bread, it totally counts as pizza. 🙂

I sliced a few reduced-fat pork sausages on top for some added protein.

While the bread was tasty, Eric and I both agreed it was a little heavy on the olive oil – a little too greasy for us.

Eric also complained that it was too garlic-y…I disagree. You can never have too much garlic; which is probably why I keep a stash of mint/gum nearby at all times. 🙂

Some frozen broccoli on the side.


Yes, tomorrow is definitely grocery day.

Have a good night!


<– Have you always had the same favourite colour, or has it changed throughout the years?

<– Do you prefer white sauce pizza, tomato sauce, or pesto? Consider me boring, but a good old fashioned marinara makes the best pizza, in my opinion.


8 thoughts on “If It Involves Toppings on Bread, It Counts As Pizza.

  1. In my world, there’s no such thing as too garlicky. Maybe I’ve watched a few too many Guy Fieri shows ha!

  2. I’m with Sloane!! I eat garlic on everything. In fact, Max’s grandfather doesn’t like the smell of garlic (his mother made him eat whole cloves of it whenever he got sick as a child) and apparently when he first met me he said, “I like Sable, but I think she eats a lot of garlic.” LOL!!

  3. That sweet potato and egg combo, what a winner! I am loving your combos of food. So creative and yummy. Powerhouse foods right there.

  4. Purple used to be my favroite color too! I love pesto on pizza, so delish! Ps, I nominated you for teh liebster award!

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