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Adventures in Apartment Hunting.


So…apartment hunting is stressful.

Eric and I drove to Brantford today because we had appointments set up to view 4 different apartments. I’m starting grad school as a Masters Criminology student in September at Laurier Brantford, so moving seems to make the most sense – I’m not commuting as hour and 15 minutes to go to school. Not happening.

First noteworthy point of the day:

This was my first time parallel parking in about a year. I totally owned that sh!t.

Yea, I was proud. 🙂

But apartment 1!

The upsides: high ceilings, unique layout, laundry on site, nice bathroom, prime location.

Love high ceilings in an apartment – makes it feel so much bigger!

The downsides: no balcony, no guarantee of parking (there’s a waiting list already, plus we have to pay a monthly fee) and rent doesn’t include utilities.

Apartment 2

This one was interesting – the landlord got there, realized they had the wrong keys, so they had to turn around and drive back home to get them, which took about 35 minutes. Fortunately, we had an hour before our next appointment so we were still able to squeeze it in.

(didn’t take pictures because the current tenant was still in it)

The upsides: very unique layout, new fridge/bathroom, good price, month-to-month rent, balcony and backyard.

The downsides: less-than-ideal location; layout was almost too unique – would be very hard to work our furniture into the rooms.

We had planned on having lunch after this – but we didn’t have time. So next apartment!

Apartment 3

This landlord actually did the same thing – realized they didn’t have the right keys and had to return with them 20 minutes later. Not our lucky day, apparently!

The upsides: big bay window, price was awesome and included utilities, nice kitchen, decent bathroom. The layout was so cool – it was an apartment with an upstairs! I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen that before.

Clearly, I need a kitchen I can work with.

The downsides: a little on the small side; the bedroom’s ceiling was ridiculously low and seemed extremely hot.

After this appointment, it was 3:30. I hadn’t eaten since breakfast at 10:00 am. Pretty safe to say I was reaching HANGRY by this point!

We headed over to the Williams near the Laurier campus for a late lunch.

I ordered the Sesame Tuna wrap – Albacore tuna, shredded carrots, sliced cucumber and lettuce in a light dressing, rolled in black and white sesame seeds.

When I ordered this, I was picturing sliced tuna for some reason. Duh – I’m in a sandwich shop, clearly it’s going to be the more traditional canned tuna. But I was starving and it was tasty, so I inhaled it.

Strawberry Fields salad on the side – mixed greens, strawberries, almonds, feta and poppyseed dressing. Cannot go wrong with this combination!

Clearly, we’re just excited to be eating at this point.


Felt much better after that. 🙂

After some downtime (and job hunting for Eric), we were off to apartment number 4. Of course, my awesome directional skills (and inability to use Google Maps) led to us getting lost and driving around for a while before figuring out where we were going. We were about 15 minutes late, but we were still able to see it, fortunately.

The upsides: two bedrooms, huge apartment, decent price, backyard, sunroom.

The downsides: paying for heat and hydro, parking on the street, the bathroom/kitchen left a little something to be desired.

All in all, a productive day of apartment hunting! We’re going to sleep on it for a day or two, then decide which one we want to get an application in for.

Apparently, my directional skills were just failing me today. On the drive home, I took us past our exit on the highway. So, we had to drive 15 minutes out of our way before turning around. Driving fail.


Because I managed to add an extra 30 minutes onto our drive, we didn’t get home until 7:30 and were once again, starving. I went for the quickest tasty food I know – eggs.

Breakfast for dinner it is!

Scrambled eggs (1 egg + egg whites), turkey bacon, and fruit in the form of cherries/strawberries.

So satisfying.

I followed dinner with a spoonful (or two) of Dark Chocolate Dreams – much needed after today!

We would usually park the car and walk to the apartment. As well, when we were waiting for landlords we would wander around and check out the neighbourhood. I figure we must have got at least 4-5 miles of walking in. On top of this morning’s workout, no wonder I’m flippin’ exhausted. And still hungry. 🙂


<– How are you with directions?

<– What are your must-haves when it comes to apartments?


5 thoughts on “Adventures in Apartment Hunting.

  1. LOVE breakfast for dinner. I am glad you have found more than one place, it is nice to have options.

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