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The Bestie.


Hi friends!!

I tried to be productive today – I got some errands done around town and tried to apply for a student line of credit. I got the invoice for my first semester’s tuition the other day, and it was just like “right….this sh!t’s expensive.” But, they’ll likely give me more if I get a co-signer, so I’ll have to go back with my mom tomorrow or Friday.

I also hit up Bulk Barn for some recipe ingredients – that shall be seen later this week. 🙂

And quinoa…because quinoa is awesome.

It made me realize that after the move I’m going to be hitting up Bulk Barn for a lot for things like pasta, nut butters, flours and cereal (read: chocolate!) There’s a lot more variety than what you would find in grocery stores and definitely cheaper.

Student life = budget as much as possible. 🙂



I remembered that there was some smoked salmon hidden in the back of the freezer, and today seemed like a good day to pull it out.

Whole wheat english muffin with cream cheese and smoked salmon. Smoked salmon + cream cheese = the absolute perfect combination.

Lightly steamed carrots and snap peas, as well as some cherries on the side.


If smoked salmon were cheaper, I could probably eat it every day. It’s definitely amazing.


Laura, the BFF

Tonight I headed over to my bff’s house for dinner.

(I went to Mexico with her and another girlfriend at the end of May, and it was one of the best experiences of my life).


Laura and I met in grade 9 and became fast friends (actually, I’m pretty sure we first starting talking on a regular basis due to my first breakup and her trying to reassure me that he was douchebag). We pretty much survived high school by leaning on each other – we talked through all the stupid stuff you go through at that age. Although we’ve gone through periods where we haven’t seen each other or talked enough, she’s always been the bestie and always will be. 🙂


One thing I’m always grateful to her for – she was there for me throughout my entire ED experience. She constantly reminded me of how much she loved me, and how scared she was that something was going to happen to me. I was sick and pulling away from everyone, but she wouldn’t let me pull away from her completely. When I started recovery, she was always supportive and making sure I was doing alright.

No matter what issues I’ve gone through – she’s always been the first person I go to talk them out. She’s the best listener and helps me figure out what directions I should take in life.

In conclusion: Laura, you are amazing and I love you to death. 🙂



Laura was in charge of the chicken, I was in charge of the sides. She picked up some chipotle chicken breasts from the grocery store and already had them on the stove when I arrived.

I originally planned on picking up some corn, but they didn’t have any at the grocery store (?) so backup plan – sweet potatoes. You can never go wrong with sweet potatoes, which I baked in the microwave and topped with a bit of butter and cinnamon.

I also made a salad on the side – mixed greens, strawberries, blueberries, sliced almonds, feta, and balsamic dressing.

Clearly, I was feeling inspired by yesterday’s side salad.

Laura had never tried the sweet potato and cinnamon combo before and could not stop talking about how tasty it was – I think we have a convert. 🙂

We hung out and chatted for a bit, played with the dog (she’s dogsitting for her sister, who has the cutest Havanese puppy in existence) and watched some of season 2 of Prison Break.

Am I the only person who never watched that show when it was popular? I don’t know why, everyone raved about it but I just never got into it. But Laura loaned me season 1 so I can get caught up a little.

Thinking about it now, there’s so many huge shows I never got behind. Back in the day was Grey’s Anatomy and House – never seen either. I’ve never watched Modern Family or 30 Rock. I watch a lot of tv, but for some reason I just don’t end up getting into most of the popular shows. I watch a lot of talk shows, cooking shows, and more reality tv then I care to admit, but most dramas and comedies I never bother. Huh.

Anyways, it was an awesome night with my favourite girl in existence. 🙂


<– Are you still close with your best friend from high school?

<– Did you watch Prison Break, House, Grey’s? What did you think?


12 thoughts on “The Bestie.

  1. I have actually never watched prison break but I heard people love it. I am a newly graduated working girl who is broke as ever so I need to find a place like Costco to help me save money. DC is freaking expensive and student loans from college plus rent plug commute is killing me!

  2. I am BEST friends with my BEST friend from high school, as a matter of fact we got our annual summer IHOP tonight! She is amazing and I don’t know where I would be without her!

    Grey’s all the way!!!

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