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Almost at a Costco Standard.


Random discovery of the day: It takes a lot to get a line of credit. I had my mom come in to the bank with me as a co-signer, where we sat for an hour and were asked questions about all the money we’ve ever had or ever owed anybody. In the end, we weren’t able to completely finish the application because they needed my dad’s information too. Le sigh. Hopefully, I’ll have that in the next week or two and I won’t have to freak about about running out of money anymore.

On a happier note, Eric and I have decided which apartment we want.

The final choice is…apartment number 3! 


Now, to get the application in and actually get approved for the apartment.

I’ll keep you updated. 🙂



I guess my aversion to salads is gone, because I’ve made similar salads three days in a row now.


Mixed greens, blueberries, strawberries, sliced almonds, feta, and two slices of chopped turkey bacon for a little protein. All topped off with a bit of balsamic dressing.


How can anyone be averse to that?

After lunch, I was still a little bit hungry and wanted something sweet. 


I topped 1/2 cup of cottage cheese with some leftover Healthified Blueberry Crisp

Made for an amazing lunch part 2/dessert!



One thing I’d never done before in my life – roasted a chicken. I figured it was something I really needed to learn how to do, because chicken is one of my favourite protein sources. This week at the grocery store, I noticed whole chickens were on sale, so this would be the week I’d try to do it. I picked up a little 2.5 pounder to bring home with me.


Wow, you just can’t make a raw chicken look attractive, can you?

I patted the chicken dry, and then coated it in salt, pepper, chili powder and dried basil. I then added a light coating of olive oil so it would crisp up properly.

I threw it in the oven and hoped for the best.


The directions I found here recommended I cook it at 450 for 15 minutes, then lower the temperature to 350 and roast until cooked through. I don’t have a meat thermometer so I was a little terrified of accidentally poisoning the boyfriend and myself, but an extra 45 minutes in the oven seemed to be perfect. Note to self: pick up one of those.


It didn’t turn out half bad!

The skin was perfectly crispy and the chicken stayed moist throughout. For my first chicken roasting attempt, I’d say it was pretty good! I’m not sure if it’s up to Costco rotisserie chicken standards (there are no words to describe how amazing that chicken is) but I’ll take it.


Mmm, chicken. I definitely went back for a second helping.


I cooked up some brown rice (cooked in no salt added chicken broth) and broccoli on the side.

My mom cooks her whole chicken in a slow cooker for about 8 hours – I think I need to try this method next!


<– Have you ever roasted a chicken? How did it turn out?

<–Do you use a meat thermometer when cooking poultry? Seems like it’d be better to be on the safe side.


6 thoughts on “Almost at a Costco Standard.

  1. Your salad looks delicious! And awesome job with the chicken! Haha that’s waaay beyond my meat cooking abilities.

  2. I wish I could buy a whole turkey, I used to love them. I need someone else to cook for.

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