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Gone Camping.




Yesterday Lunch


Massive salad with romaine, carrots, tomato, cucumber, yellow bell pepper, sweet potato chunks and two over-easy eggs.

Drippy yolk = salad dressing. Amazing.


Yesterday Dinner

Hello, barbecue.


PC Blue Menu pork sausages on a whole wheat bun with ketchup and honey mustard.


Stir fried sugar snap peas on the side. I did them in olive oil with garlic, green onion, pepper and a splash of soy sauce.



I threw stuff in a blender – and it was amazing.


Half a cup of cottage cheese, a frozen banana and a scoop of protein powder.

It tasted like a thick custard – so tasty!

Some granola on top for crunch and I’m good to go!


Eric and I are leaving today to go camping in Goderich for a few days  – I don’t think I come across as outdoorsy to anybody but I love it.

There will be posts going up though, so check back!

Have a good day!


5 thoughts on “Gone Camping.

  1. snap peas are my favorite, I Just love them!

  2. I could seriously eat dripped eggs at every meal. It makes for the best salad dressing. Have fun camping!

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