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Camping Recap: Good News and the Arrival.


So when I left you Monday morning, Eric and I were in the car by 7:30 am to make it to Brantford for his 9:00 interview.

Wow, why didn’t someone tell me that interviews can take so long?! We finally got out of there around 10:30.

Next stop? Dropping of the apartment application for the chosen apartment.

We had to drive all throughout the town to find it (and stop at a random Papa John’s for directions. Tip: if you’re lost in a new city, find someplace that delivers and ask them for directions. They have maps and everything).

The good news here?

We got the apartment we wanted!!

I have a good kitchen (and the apartment was cheap), Yay!!!


Eric’s next appointment was at 1:00 pm, so lunch was in order.

Subway never fails me. 🙂

Normally I’m either turkey, ham or chicken – but roast beef was calling to me today.

Roast beef on honey oat bread with lettuce, tomato, green pepper, cucumbers, pickles, banana peppers, black olives and honey mustard.

Aka: the toppings that must be on all my subs from Subway. 🙂

During Eric’s next interview, I entertained myself with this:

And I even won $6! One line in the top left corner, one in the bottom right.

I haven’t bought one of these in years…so winning now makes me extremely happy. 🙂

The Drive

Afterwards, it was off to Goderich. We had about a 2 1/2 hour car ride through the back highways in Ontario.

We actually drove through Stratford, which I didn’t realize our route would take us through. Stratford is probably one of my favourite towns in Southwestern Ontario – minus the Bieber thing. Sorry, just not a fan.

(Clearly, also demonstrating my love for the Big Bang Theory).

Although, I did meet Bieber’s mom once and she is lovely! She came to the group home where I used to work (where Justin was born, actually) and talked to the girls about being a teen mom and the struggles that go along with it. The fact that she had been in those girls’ place just 18 years ago was incredibly inspiring for the girls to hear, and definitely gave them hope. (This was much needed, because we got the news we were being shut down just a few days later).

Stratford itself in an adorable town. It’s main attraction is it’s theatre more than anything else. I’m definitely a theatre nerd and have a love for live shows, so I’ve seen a few at the theatre in town.

In 1997, it was deemed “The Prettiest town in the World” – and it was 100% deserved.

(why yes, I did get all that from Wikipedia).

Just driving through that town makes me happy. 

Eventually, we got to our destination. Point Farms Provincial Park, just outside of Goderich, Ontario.

My family makes a point of going camping for a week every summer in August. It’s been happening for years – it started before I was born. It’s grown to include my family, my aunt/uncle/cousin, another aunt and her granddaughter, and two other families. When all the kids (my brother and I, and everyone else’s kids) were younger, we’d all go – it would be a 20 person production. 

As we’ve gotten older (and gotten jobs) we haven’t been able to go as often – but Eric and I decided to go up for a few days. He went camping a lot when he was younger and I love it, so it was nostalgia for both of us. (although, coming home and sleeping in a bed last night was pretty fantastic).


The best part about camping? The food. 

Everyone meets a week or two before we go and we plan a menu. Over the years, we’ve had everything from kebobs to deep fried turkey. While we’ve tried to cut back a bit (one year, we had deep fried turkey, chicken wings, steak, and spaghetti with Bolognese. One after another. A bit too heavy). We still like to make it awesome.

Monday night’s menu?

Barbecued Chicken.

My uncle showing off his BBQ skills.

Hello, chickens.

While the guys were hard at work at the pit, the ladies were working behind the scenes.

Mmm, bruschetta.

Sandwich thins make surprisingly good bruschetta buns! Chopped tomato, onion, basil and olive oil on toasted bread, with parmesan sprinkled on top. We also added some feta in there – brilliant.

Two slices of that made a delicious appetizer for the main event.

Mmm, dinner.

We’ve got part of a BBQ chicken breast, salmon with dill, green beans sautéed in olive oil with parmesan and garlic, and steamed cabbage.

I went back for seconds on the cabbage (for greens) and salmon (for deliciousness).

Successful dinner for sure!

Washed down with one of these babies – has anyone else tried these yet? They’re really good!

I don’t like beer, and these a good alternative to super sugary coolers when you just want something you can pop the top off and drink.

My aunt had been to a Christening on the weekend, so she scooped the leftover goodies to bring as desserts.

We’ve got pink cake pops, pink rice krispie squares, and strawberry marshmallows dipped in white chocolate (two guesses as to the sex of the baby).

I helped myself to one of the marshmallows – If a regular marshmallow is good, then a large one must be better (especially if it’s chocolate coated).

My aunt also pulled out chocolate and caramel covered pretzel rods (unpictured). Chocolate and pretzel is one of my favourites – The salty-and-sweet thing is amazing. Clearly I had one of those too. 🙂

Although apparently my dad knows how to do it:

Pink marshmallow in one hand, beer in the other.

Clearly, the best way to go about it.

We got the campfire going and stayed up for a bit chatting with everyone.

But our day had started early and it was starting to rain, so we hit the tent pretty early on.

Day 2 recap tomorrow!

<— Are you a beer lover? I try, but I can’t do it.

<— How do you feel about the salty/sweet combination? It’s brilliant.


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