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One Taco at a Time.


When I turned to my blog roll this morning, I saw the number of unread entries at 197.

Apparently, I read a lot of blogs to end up with almost 200 new entries over a period of 3 days.

So, that’s what I did with my day today. 🙂



Still feeling the need for greens.



Massive green salad does the trick nicely.



Salad greens (arugula and baby lettuce), chickpeas, baby carrots, cucumber, bell pepper, and goat chevre; topped off with a drizzle balsamic vinaigrette.

I haven’t had arugula in a while – I forgot how much I like the stuff! It’s got a very peppery taste, which plays off of an acidic dressing like a  balsamic nicely.


On the side, I had a rice cake with almond butter and strawberry slices.

I thought the strawberry/almond butter combo would be a little odd, but nope – turned out delicious and made a nice little side to my salad. 🙂



Mmm…Mexican night.


Make your own tacos? Don’t mind if I do.

That’s ground chicken cooked in taco seasoning, hard shells, sour cream (real sour cream – that is the thickest, creamiest stuff in existence – a little bit is amazing), shredded cheddar, romaine, tomatoes and salsa.

I was also planning on making guacamole, but the avocado I had wasn’t quite ripe enough. So, not happening, unfortunately.

When I eat tacos, I always feel the need to make and eat them one at a time.

Taco 1: chicken, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, salsa.

Taco 2: chicken, lettuce, tomato, salsa, cheese.

Salad: lettuce with everything on it (minus the taco shells).

Am I the only one who does that? With hard shell tacos, if you take more than one at a time, they spill everywhere. So first off, by only making one at a time I’m avoiding messy food.

Plus, if I have to stand up and make myself a new one every few minutes, it definitely helps me slow down while eating. I’m the sort of person who can inhale a meal in a few minutes, so any steps I can take to help me slow down (and realize I’m full) are definitely a bonus. It’s supposed to take your brain 20 minutes to register that it’s full, but I rarely take that much time to finish a meal. It’s habit I definitely need to work on!


<– What’s your favourite salad green? Spinach and romaine tend to be my staples, but I think I need to eat arugula more often.

<– Do you tend to inhale your food, or are you able to eat at a slower pace? I’m kind of like a vacuum – I’ll inhale my dinner in 5 minutes flat.


5 thoughts on “One Taco at a Time.

  1. 2 days away and I had 500. I am slowly going through them aka why I am not able to comment on all of yours I missed! Still here I promise!

  2. Salad looks great! It’s crazy how the blog posts add up haha

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