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Camping Recap Part 2: Shopping, Sunsets and Board Games.


(part 1 here)

By the time we went to bed Monday night, it was starting to drizzle a little bit. 

The rain continued throughout the night and it was still raining when we woke up the next morning. Rain = the worst thing about camping. I can’t stand it, especially when I’m trying to sleep. I woke up at 6:45 (I cannot tell you the last time I was voluntarily up at that hour), had a quick snack (trail mix) and stayed in my tent reading until about 9:00ish, when everyone else was awake.

Fortunately, by about 10 am the rain had stopped and the clouds were starting to clear. Thankfully! That also meant breakfast time.

While dinners are the focal point of camping, breakfast is pretty epic too.

Eggs Benedict were on the menu this morning – an english muffin half, a slice of peameal bacon, an over-easy egg, and some homemade Hollandaise on top. I had  mine with a sliced peach on the side. I followed it up with another Eggs Benedict stack, minus the english muffin.

Love this breakfast – I need to make it at home once in a while! Peameal bacon is so, so good.


Something that my aunts and I always make a point of doing when we camp – take a day or two to go into the closest town and go shopping. Our campground was right outside of Goderich, so we decided to go there today.

Goderich is definitely a tourist-y town – absolutely beautiful, with tons of boutiques for shopping. The highlight there is definitely a gorgeous town square.

Unfortunately, last August Goderich was hit by an F3 tornado – one of the worst in Ontario’s history. It caused somewhere between $75 – $100 million in damages, especially to its tourist-driven town square.

A year later, the town is starting to bounce back, but is still in the rebuilding process.

That’s the city hall there – it used to be surrounded by 100 year old trees; the large majority of them gone.

We were here about 3 years ago, and it’s crazy to think how much it’s changed.

That goes to show you – Mother Nature can be a scary thing.

(sources: here and here)

Fortunately for me, Eric was a good enough sport to be dragged around through kitchen shops, bakeries and boutiques.

If I had $90, I would have been all over this. Would have looked great in my new living room!

We also stopped at Culbert’s, considered to be one of the best bakeries in the area.

I forgot to snap a pic, but my mom and I picked out pecan butter tarts, date squares, cream puffs and chocolate-dipped rum balls to try out.

I had a bite of the pecan tart, and good lord – it was amazing. The pastry was homemade, but thin enough that you got tons of filling; something I find absolutely necessary with pastry. I’m not a huge fan of pastry by itself – I need a lot of filling. This one had a perfectly sweet maple syrup flavour with a pecan crunch – one of the best tarts I’ve ever tried.

I had one of the rum balls for dessert last night. Basically, it tasted like a chocolate rum donut, dipped in more chocolate and rolled in coconut. Yea – amazing.


After a few hours of shopping, it was time to head back to the site for dinner.

Dad showing off his campfire skillz.

My aunt had picked up some locally made pork sausages for us to have for dinner that night – in all different flavours (so many, we couldn’t actually keep them all straight). She also made up some homemade baked beans – one of my favourite things in existence.

I had a spicy italian sausage with sautéed peppers and onions, and a big scoop of baked beans on the side – such a hearty dinner! Unpictured – a scoop of potato salad.

The Sunset

It was a clear night, so the group decided to head down to the beach to see the sunset. Point Farms has a beautiful beach right on Lake Huron.

Of course, my family gets goofy sometimes.

Love the expression, Dad. :-p

Eric and I on the beach while the sun’s setting – how cliché/adorable. 🙂

My six-year-old second cousin – isn’t she cute? And she’s very proud of her missing teeth. 🙂

Unfortunately there was a cloud in the way during the actual sun set, but it was gorgeous nonetheless.

So pretty!

Back at the campsite, we decided to break out this bad boy.

Trivial Pursuit 20th anniversary edition!

Umm, why didn’t anyone tell us this game was so hard?! Even playing teams (boys against girls) it took us almost 2 hours to finish the game. 

(for the record, the ladies won. We’ll just pretend my dad didn’t whisper the answer in my ear to the final question – we all just wanted the game to be over by that point!)

Oh, camping. I love it.

Final recap tomorrow!

<– Board games – yay or nay?

<– Has your town ever been affected by a natural disaster? 

7 thoughts on “Camping Recap Part 2: Shopping, Sunsets and Board Games.

  1. So fun! I freaking love baked beans. I am such a weirdo.

  2. That sunset looks incredible! I love camping and haven’t been in years. i am hoping to go labor day weekend, but we shall see. I definitely like playing games…we are big fans of card games around here!

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