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I Promise I’m Not 65.



When there are taco leftovers from dinner, there is a taco salad for lunch the next day.

Mixed greens, leftover chicken cooked in taco seasoning, frozen corn, salsa, a dollop of real sour cream and a sprinkling of crushed Food Should Taste Good Multigrain chips.

I had a small bowl of (dying) cherries on the side to bring a sweet component into my meal.

It was a beautiful day out today – warm and sunny but no humidity whatsoever. So Eric and I decided it was a good day for a dog walk.

In the neighbourhood where we currently live, we have a perfect 1 1/4 mile loop – perfect for walking Leon. He gets a good walk on, but it’s not so long that his short little legs get too tired.

(Kinda blurry, but so damn cute I couldn’t resist)

One thing I would love to get when Eric and I can afford one – a dog. I’m a huge dog person; more specifically, pugs. There are no words to describe how cute pugs are. It’s the whole “looks-like-they-ran-into-a-wall-and-flattened-their-faces” thing. Adorable. 🙂


This afternoon, I focused a lot on the move. 

The practical part? I worked on what we have versus what we still need to buy/find/beg relatives for – that list is surprisingly long. Who knew you needed so much stuff for a kitchen?

Fortunately, we have most of the large furniture figured out – a bed, dressers, tv, ect. It’s just a lot of little stuff now.

And then I spent an hour or two researching restaurants in Brantford. Because clearly, my dinner options when I don’t feel like cooking and where we can go for dates is at the forefront of my mind. 🙂

I managed to pick out 20 (yes, 20) local restaurants that look good and that I want to try. That should last us a little while, don’t you think? 😉


Friday night = pizza.

More specifically, a Hawaiian pizza I picked up at the market last weekend. My favourite kind of pizza is Hawaiian, no questions asked. Although, BBQ chicken can give it a run for its money.

And I love the crust – so thin it’s almost cracker-like. The best way for pizza to be, in my opinion.

I had 1/3 of the pizza with a big salad on the side.

Mixed greens, cucumber, bell pepper, feta and balsamic vinaigrette.

So simple but so tasty – and so many salads in the last few days! Yay nutrients!

We have plans to go out tomorrow night for a friend’s birthday, so tonight is definitely a relaxing night in. (I’m such an old lady, I can’t handle more than one exciting night in a row).

My plan for the next little while? Searching online for coupons on apartment stuff.

Yea, I might just be old.


<– Favourite kind of pizza?

<– Do you coupon at all? In Canada, we can’t “stack” coupons like you can in the States. If we could, I’d be all over it, Extreme Couponing style.


5 thoughts on “I Promise I’m Not 65.

  1. i love taco leftovers! and yum that pizza looks great!

  2. I was just talking about pizza. The craving may win out for inner. 🙂 I like a classic margherita, or one with artichokes, arugula, roasted garlic, and feta.

  3. I use coupons but I’m not like supe crazy about them, I don’t go extreme couponing or anything – it makes me feel weird and I feel like people stare and it makes me uncomfortable. I do LOVE deals and coiupons overall though, i just don’t necessairly go seeking them out intensively. & I love deep dish pizza the most, veggie, no meats for me.

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