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Camping Recap Part 3: Sandcastles and Steak the Size of My Face.


Part 1 and Part 2 here.

When we woke up on Wednesday, the sun was shining.

When camping, this means 3 things.

1 – My mom + the guys wake up at like 6 am and to go golfing. (I will never understand golfing. Just not my idea of a good time!)

2 – My aunts and I (and Eric) make plans to go to the beach.

3 – We bust out the waffle maker.


Waffles round 1: 3 corners, topped with blueberry-pomegranate greek yogurt (0% unfortunately…once you have 2% you can’t go back), fruit salad (peaches/nectarines/apples/oranges) and a bit of whipped cream on top. 

And…I needed a round 2.


One more corner (making one complete waffle) with homemade strawberry jam, more whipped cream and a bit of cinnamon sugar.

Such an amazing breakfast!

Clearly, the whipped cream was in spray can format, so I could make it look extra pretty. 🙂

(Fortunately for my uncle, he wasn’t there. Last July 1st he kept stealing the jello shooters I was making, so he got a nice fat squirt on the forehead. Don’t mess with me and my jello shooters. Especially when I have weapon-like food in my hands).



Soon afterwards, we packed up and headed back to the beach. It’s close enough to walk, but when you have a 6 year old with you, you have more toys than you know what to do with. Therefore, you need to drive just to carry everything.

When we got there, Eric realized he forgot the book he planned to bring.

What does a 27 year old man do when he has nothing to do and a 6 year old with him?



I stayed on my towel and did research instead. 🙂


Although it stayed pretty sunny (except for a 45 minute window where storm clouds loomed) there was a cold breeze that made me want to stay huddled up under a towel on my beach blanket. So that’s where I stayed the entire time. Beaches = less fun when it’s cold and you’re in a bikini.

Pretty sure they stayed at the castle for about 3 hours.


But, I gotta admit, what they ended up with was pretty impressive.


(apparently, this was the prison. Morgan designed it to have a deep pit and double thick walls to trap the prisoners – where do 6 year olds come up with that?)


So proud of their handiwork. 🙂


(Fun fact: on a camping trip when I was about 12, my friend and I entered a sandsculpting contest, with the help of my dad. We decided to do a massive crocodile as part of the Nature category – and we won. It was pretty impressive, actually; we even sprinkled water on it’s back to create divets to look like scales. One of the greatest moments of my life, clearly).

When we got back to the campsite, I proceeded to spoil my dinner appetite a little bit.


This is Gorp.

Peanuts, raisins and M&Ms. I have absolutely no idea why it’s called gorp. But, it is delicious and must be present at camping every year.



Yet another camping tradition – every Wednesday night of camping week is steak night. The guys go to Costco, pick up way more steak than we could ever realistically expect to eat and we go to town.


Mmm, steak.

Enter: steak the size of my face.


One massive steak topped with sautéed mushrooms, onions and peppers, with a sprinkle of feta on top.

(Have you tried steak and feta? Do it. So good).

On the side, a huge baked potato with salt, pepper and sour cream.

Umm….yea. I made it through about half my plate before I had to admit defeat. From what I understand, the leftover steak was being used for fajitas the following night, so nothing was wasted. 🙂

We take steak night seriously here.


Soon after dinner, we said our goodbyes and headed out.

Overall, it was a great trip. Camping was a huge part of my childhood so I’m always happy to relive it any time I can. 

And with Eric and I moving in two weeks, I’ll take any opportunity I can to sneak in some family time. Love you guys!


<– Anyone actually a fan of golf?

<– Anyone have any family traditions/trips they take often?




5 thoughts on “Camping Recap Part 3: Sandcastles and Steak the Size of My Face.

  1. Steak and feta sounds amazing!

    I totally agree that 2% > 0%. Love the stuff.

  2. seriously just spray that whip cream into my mouth and I will be in heaven. My absolute fav thing alive. Cool book!

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