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Sometimes, Indulgences are Covered In Gravy and Cheese.



It was definitely a slow-moving morning today, but the fun I had last night was 100% worth it. 🙂

Birthday Celebrations

Yesterday was my friend Mel’s 23rd birthday.

To celebrate, we headed to Poacher’s Arms, which is my favourite pub in London. It’s quiet enough that you can have a conversation with someone (without shouting in their ear) and the music they play is awesome. They usually take a one-guy, one-guitar acoustic approach – awesome. We got there around 10; so the bar hadn’t gotten too crowded yet, perfect for starting out a birthday party.

Clearly, we’re a fun bunch. I’m going to let a lot of pictures speak for themselves.

While I was drinking last night, I didn’t want to overdo it – I wanted to minimize the hangover as much as possible, and I didn’t want to spend too much money (tee minus 2 weeks to the move and we still have a lot of stuff to get. Plus, I have one more birthday and a weekend trip before then. It’ll be an expensive couple of weeks).

We decided to move the party on to Molly Bloom’s – a popular Irish pub a few blocks down.

When you’re at a bar and you hear Livin’ On a Prayer – you sing. And you air guitar. It just kinda happens.

I’m actually pretty sure it’s everyone’s favourite bar song. 🙂

I see you, bunny ears.

This may be the most epic photobomb I’ve ever seen in my life.

Hello, random nipple.

After Hours

After last call, the guys in the group decided that poutine was necessary.

If you’re not familiar with the dish (although if you’re Canadian, you should know exactly what I’m talking about), poutine consists of fries covered in gravy and cheese curds. Clearly not a healthy dish by any stretch of the imagination and kinda gross to think about – but it tastes amazing. 

Although it’s pretty popular here, if you head up to Ottawa/anywhere in Quebec, it is huge (pronounced pou-teen here, but in that area the proper pronunciation is pou-TIN). As in, everyone I’ve ever met from the area loves it and you can find it in a large majority of restaurants.

Some people have pizza has an after-bar food, we have poutine. 🙂

It’s gotten so big, that some restaurants make a name for themselves just on the basis of their poutine. Others – dedicate themselves entirely to the dish. There’s tons of variations – Italian versions (adding meat sauce) Indian (curry or butter chicken), Mexican (chili, salsa, guacamole)…the list is endless.

London has Smoke’s Poutinerie – right downtown, open super late and nestled in between two popular bars. It’s definitely the place to go after drinking. It offers two sizes,  it’s not too expensive, and they have over 20 varieties of poutine.

Eric is clearly way too happy to get a box of the stuff. 🙂

We split (2/3 him, 1/3 me) a regular order of the Veggie Nacho Grande – poutine with guacamole, sour cream, salsa and jalapeños.

Sounds weird – but oh my goodness, it was awesome.

I am a full believer that any diet has room for treats and indulgences – while most of mine are sprinkle-covered, once in a while they’re covered in gravy and cheese curds. 🙂

We finally made it home around 3 am, and collapsed into bed around 3:30 – so much for my going to bed early streak.

I managed to split my toenail somehow (and ignore the redness of my toes due to walking around in heels all night. And the general fact that I am desperately in need of a pedicure). Drinking nights always end in some sort of injury for someone!


While I was a little slow moving this morning, overall I wasn’t too bad. I was out of bed around 9 – after not going to bed until 3:30. Yea, I think I’ll be in need of a nap today.

Livefit Day 74 – Arms/Abs Circuit

3 rounds of:

  • 20 barbell curl – EZ bar (30 lbs)
  • 20 lying tricep press (30 lbs)
  • 20 alternating dumbbell curl (17.5 lb dumbbells)
  • 20 standing tricep extension (22.5 lbs)
  • 20 bench dip
  • 20 double crunch
  • 20 crunch
  • 30-40 minutes cardio

For cardio today, I walked 20 minutes to pick up the car (definitely no drinking and driving here!) and then 20 minutes of incline walking on the treadmill. Considering my activities last night and the fact that I had such a good, long (for my standards) run yesterday, Easy cardio was needed today.


I really wanted to recreate the sandwich I made Eric yesterday, but I needed protein for muscle recovery after my workout. So I came up with a compromise.

For some protein, I scrambled up an egg and about 1/4 cup liquid egg whites with salt, pepper and chile powder.

I also made a half grilled banana sandwich – one slice of bread with 1/4 sliced banana and almond butter, grilled in a bit of coconut oil. I ate another 1/4 of the banana on the side.

Every bit as good as it was yesterday – I only used a small amount of coconut oil and almond butter, but it was still deliciously melt-y on the inside and crispy on the outside. I love the flavour coconut oil adds to everything; it adds an almost tropical feel to any meal.

Eric is awake and he is looking a bit rough around the edges – thinking today is going to be a relaxing day for sure.

<– If you drink, what do you eat after a night out? Or, what’s popular to eat in your city late-night?

<– Do you have any photobombed pictures? Please tell me I’m not the only one who got bombed by a random dude’s nipple.

<– Ever tried poutine?


5 thoughts on “Sometimes, Indulgences are Covered In Gravy and Cheese.

  1. aw so fun! I am glad you let yourself have that night, looks like a blast.

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