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Apparently, Grilled Cheese is a Headache Cure.


So, a not-very productive afternoon on my part. That’s ok though!

I’m planning a family dinner out (my extended family and Eric’s – we’re thinking 15-20 people) so we can see everyone one more time before we move and I go back to school. But when I called the restaurant we’re planning on, they told me they don’t take reservations. Like, at all.

So, the question is, do I risk it and show up with a group of 15-20 people on a Thursday night at 7 pm and hope there’s enough space, or do I just pick a different restaurant?

Le sigh. Decisions.

(Why wouldn’t they take a reservation for a group that big? Odd).



There was one salmon burger left from last night, so I called dibs on it for lunch today.


I served it on the leftover salad as well (for someone who doesn’t generally like leftovers, I was rocking it on them today).


Crackers and Spicy Cilantro Hummus on the side (x2…at least).


I was battling a headache all afternoon, so come dinnertime I had a less-than-stocked kitchen (desperately need to go grocery shopping tomorrow) and I didn’t feel much like cooking.

Enter the most comforting, easiest meal I know.


Grilled cheese!

Although I love all the fancy spins you can throw on it (spinach, bacon, apple slices, you name it); but once in a while, you just need a classic.


With your classic Campbells tomato soup. Hello, sodium filled homey-ness.

Everyone needs some gooey, drippy cheese once in a while.

I used a combo of mozzarella and goat chevre for my sandwich, cooked in olive oil spray and tiny schmear of butter.


So good. SO GOOD.

And the best part?

My head feels fine now.

I guess grilled cheese is the cure for headaches. I love a good grilled cheese, so I am perfectly fine utilizing that in the future. 🙂


<– Favourite type of cheese? Goat chevre. Hands down.

<– Do you know a good cure for headaches?


9 thoughts on “Apparently, Grilled Cheese is a Headache Cure.

  1. Ah, the ultimate comfort meal! Glad it cured your headache. Those homey meals are always good for whatever ails you. 🙂

  2. Haha I think cheese can cure all problems! Grilled cheese and other homey foods remind me of my mom, which always makes me feel better!

  3. I love tomato soup, such a homey food.

  4. Ahh a classic! I can’t remember the last time I had grilled cheese & tomato soup! Such a great comfort food!

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