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Buttercream, Why Can’t I Resist You?


Good evening!

I was feeling rather inspired this morning – hence the post.

I think I’m going to try and incorporate posts like that once in a while – EDs are complicated beasts, and there’s so many aspects of them I think are worth discussing.

So look forward to more posts like that one!


Today was a rest day – after two runs back to back (and yesterday‘s being so long for my standards) it was much appreciated. 🙂



While perusing all the wonderful WIAW posts this AM, I saw a chocolate Vitatop on Sloane’s post – which immediately reminded me that I had a couple of boxes in the freezer. So, chocolate for breakfast it was.

In parfait form – everything’s prettier in a parfait.


(Especially when it’s a goblet-type glass – it makes breakfast feel so damn fancy).

Crumbled deep chocolate Vitatop,  blueberries, and plain greek yogurt layered up.


Topped with some drippy almond butter and a little bit of honey.

Satisfying breakfast!

And…commence sitting on my bum. Reading blogs. It was a good morning. 🙂



One of those “open-the-fridge-and-stare-at-everything-for-a-long-time” sort of lunch. Nothing particularly jumped out at me or looked appetizing. So, snack plate it was. Never fails. 🙂

Baby carrots, bell pepper strips, cucumber, the last of my Spicy Cilantro Hummus, a few slices of cajun chicken breast deli meat, and a whole-grain rice cake topped with almond butter and Nutella.


Highlight of the meal – no questions asked. Mmm Nutella.

Then this was my afternoon:


Cake baking! (my trusty Betty Crocker cookbook in the background – this is where the majority of my cake recipes come from)

It’s the BFF’s birthday tomorrow, so that means cake.

It turned out amazing, but she does read the blog so I won’t post it until tomorrow. I refuse to ruin the surprise! (Laura, be excited!)

One of my biggest food weaknesses is buttercream icing: That much sugar in one recipe sends my sweet tooth into happy overdrive. Which of course, is the type of icing I used on the cake.

So…I ended up eating too much of it while I was icing the cake and promptly managed to give myself a stomach ache for the rest of the afternoon. Awesome. At least it was tasty while it lasted?

Sigh – this always happens when I bake. Should probably work on that a little.

I spent the afternoon getting errands done (birthday present shopping!) and my stomach wasn’t happy, so making dinner wasn’t happening tonight.

Sooo…this is when leftovers are awesome.

Except sub out the salad for steamed green beans.

You get a repeat picture, because I accidentally exploded it in the microwave a little bit – does not mean for an attractive image.  🙂

The plan tomorrow involves a beach day, dinner and then going out for drinks. Definitely looking forward to it!



<– What foods do you have no self-control around? Cinnamon Toast Crunch and chocolate covered pretzels are other big ones for me!

<– What’s your favourite “better-as-leftovers” meal?


8 thoughts on “Buttercream, Why Can’t I Resist You?

  1. Ironically the foods I can’t control myself around are nut butters and Nutella – I have no idea how anyone can have such tiny amounts of them at once. Serious willpower right there!

  2. the after sugar coma kills me a lot. woof.

  3. haha I do that “open fridge stare” thing every weekend for lunch time haha I actually have never had butter cream icing 😡 cream cheese I have though, with carrot cake haha

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