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Scenes From the Cottage.


I definitely had a fabulous weekend. Smile


We stopped for lunch in Goderich on our way up to the cottage. My parents had tried a place called West Street Willy’s Eatery in the downtown core when they were here a few weeks ago. They had liked it, so we decided we’d give it a shot.




I love these water glasses. So rustic/cute.


While their burgers looked amazing, I wasn’t feeling anything too heavy, so I decided I would try their falafel burger – falafel balls on a bun with hummus, tomato and lettuce, with a side salad.




Umm…so much for light.


(and that is Eric’s poutine in the background. Boy’s obsessed)!






It definitely did not say on the menu that the falafel was battered and deep fried. It was delicious, but I wasn’t expecting that – I figured it would likely be fried, but the battered part, I didn’t see coming (Random pet peeve – when restaurants fail to specify that a dish is deep fried).


And jesus, that is huge. I took off the top bun and ate in open style with a knife and fork. Because clearly, my mouth is not fitting around that (TWSS).


Still definitely enjoyed though!


Then, we made the rest of the journey up to Eric’s aunt and uncle’s cottage. I’ll let the pictures say the rest. Smile





Hello, beautiful scenery.





Dinner of barbecued Asian sesame salmon, roasted potatoes, and a black bean and corn salad with jalapeños and tomato. Delicious dinner!


Saturday breakfast:




2 fried eggs, a slice of bacon, tomato slices and a piece of toast with herb and garlic cream cheese.


(P.S. I was struggling to remember what kind of cream cheese that was, but could only remember that it was garlic something. I just asked Eric what it was and he told me it was herb and something. It was herb and garlic – that was teamwork).


After breakfast adventures:




Would not be able to tell you the last time I was on a bike.


And, I have never been on a road bike before in my life.


And now I kind of want one.




And, I enjoy embarrassing my boyfriend on the internet.


Love you! Smile





Can I live here?





Helmets are important kids – even when you look like a goof wearing one.


Unfortunately, our biking adventures were cut short.




Well, that’s unfortunate.


And made for a very slooow ride back to the cottage. (It was Eric’s bike, not mine).


Lunch time!





Mmm…sandwich. Pastrami, Imperial cheese (this stuff is only available in Canada, and is some of the best cheese in existence), pickles, dijon and hot peppers.


I don’t know if I’ve ever had pastrami before. I enjoyed it, but I still have no idea what the hell it is.


Cherries on the side. And a vodka and diet coke. Smile 


Relaxing afternoon of talking and reading.




And watching Lola enjoy the water – she thought it was pretty too!






Just stuffing some chicken breasts.


Broccoli, sundried tomatoes and old cheddar on the BBQ – so so good.




Would it be rude if I just ate them all?




(Excuse the poor photo quality – we ate outside and the sun had gone by that point)


Chicken topped with mushroom gravy, steamed green beans with onions (I can’t remember the exact name – something small and Italian) and corn on the cob with parsley butter and parmesan.


Clearly, we were eating well on this trip.


Speaking of the sun going down…




Now I really don’t want to leave. It doesn’t get much more picturesque than that!




Obligatory couple-with-sunset-background pose.


So cute. Smile


Sunday breakfast (after an awesome nights sleep…I slept about 9-10 hours a night on this trip. It was glorious).




Scrambled eggs with basil and cheese, toast with Laughing Cow, cherries and peameal bacon.


Because I am a sucker for flea markets –





They’re cute. And you can find amazing stuff.


Like an adorable pair of oven mitts. That I forgot to take a picture of and will do so tomorrow. Smile


Lunch stop at Union Burger in Goderich (it was halfway between home and the cottage, so it definitely made a great rest stop).


Union Burger is a cute little burger place (I think it’s a chain but I’m not 100% sure According to Google, it is a Canadian chain that started in 2010) where you place your order and pay, then you sit and wait for your number to be called. Kinda fast food-ish, but more upscale.


The service wasn’t the greatest (I had to repeat our order to the cashier no less than 12 times, and our food took a little while) at least the food was tasty.




Hello meal-sized salad. I’ve missed you.


I got the Tuscany salad – greens, tomato, cranberries, mandarin oranges, candied pecans and goat cheese with balsamic vinaigrette.




(Why yes, I am hungry).


And I demanded Eric share some of his onion rings.




Not the face of someone who wants to share.


Good thing I’m cute. Smile


We made the trip home in good time and proceeded to plop down at our respective computers for a while. Clearly, we are an internet-loving couple.






The last of the lasagna on some baby greens.


Trying to tame my sugar tooth a little.





Berries, you will have to do as dessert.


So that was my weekend in a nutshell!


Definitely a great way to spend the last weekend in August – thanks to Rob, Linda, Dan, Lauren, Jackie and Mike for an amazing weekend!



<—What was a highlight of your weekend?


<—Can anyone tell me what pastrami actually is?


6 thoughts on “Scenes From the Cottage.

  1. So that chain is kinda like Panera or Great Harvest – it is a chain but it doesn’t feel like one? =)

  2. what a wonderful weekend. I wish I was there! ha!

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