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Clean It Up Week.


Back to my regular routine means back at the gym first thing.


Livefit Day 80 – chest/calves/cardio

3 rounds of:

  • 20 bench press (45 lbs)
  • 20 incline dumbbell press (15 lb dumbbells)
  • 20 dumbbell flies (12 lb dumbbells, up 2 lbs)
  • 20 assisted dips
  • 20 pushups (on knees)
  • 20 standing calf raise (105 lbs, up 5 lbs)
  • 20 horizontal calf press (180 lbs, up 5 lbs)

30-40 minutes cardio, keeping heart rate below maximum

It was a bit drizzly outside (and I am a wuss) so I went to the treadmill for the cardio portion of my workout. I did this routine by Courtney, which left me appropriately gasping and sweaty. That 9.0 interval is NO joke, people.

I’ve only got 3 workouts left in this program – I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself afterwards!


I tried something new for breakfast today. On Clare’s blog last week, I noticed she had tried a sweet omelet. I love eggs, but feel the need for a sweet breakfast 95% of the time, so I was instantly intrigued.

I love my bananas and nut butters, so I decided to go for an AB & B (almond butter and banana) version.


While this was pretty good, it definitely needs some tweaking so no recipe yet (I used an egg/egg white combo, and I think that was the issue. Banana doesn’t seem to mesh well with egg yolk).

Clean It Up Week

The last couple of weeks have been pretty indulgent. I’ve had a lot of nights out, been drinking more than usual and eating a lot of deep fried foods and sweets (believe me, there’s been late-night chocolate and ice cream happening that doesn’t make its way onto the blog).

As a result, I’ve been feeling pretty bloated, my digestive system has been rebelling and my skin’s starting to break out. My sugar tooth is raging to the point where I feel like I need something sweet after every meal and snack.

So, I’m declaring this week Clean It Up Week. I’m going to be trying to clean up my diet and “reset” my system, if you will. This has nothing to do with weight or size, I’m happy with where I am. It’s more about trying to fix my stomach issues and clear up my skin a little bit.

I think everyone has a slightly definition as to what a clean week of eating is. Here is how I plan to approach this:

What I will NOT be doing this week:

  • cutting calories (again, not a weight issue).
  • cutting natural sugars (in fruit and dairy…no one can take away my bananas and greek yogurt).
  • drinking diet coke (as a former DC addict, I managed to cut the stuff completely a year and a half ago. Over the last few weeks it’s been sneaking its way back in there – need to nip that in the bud before it becomes an issue again).
  • drinking too much (if I want a glass of wine with dinner, acceptable. If I want 5 drinks in one night, not acceptable).
  • completely eliminating white flour, added sugars and processed foods (I’m realistic) but I will be minimizing them as much as possible.
  • eating deep fried foods. I’m pretty sure that’s what’s been causing a lot of my issues – my tummy is not a fan of deep fried foods.

What I WILL be eating/doing this week:

  • lots of veggies, fruits, whole grains, lean meats, reduced fat dairy.
  • small, regular meals.
  • drinking tea (I used to drink it every day, but I got out of the habit. Need to get back into this)!
  • drinking lots of water.
  • moving throughout the day as much as possible.
  • attempting to eat intuitively (eating when I’m hungry, stopping when I’m not. This is admittedly something I struggle with sometimes and need to continue to work on)
  • keeping an eye on portion size (1 tablespoon of almond butter turns into 4 way too quickly).

So really, just trying to eat clean this week. I can handle that.

(Just as an fyi, this is a work-week plan. The move is on Saturday, so I know eating may go a little bit by the wayside for a little while).

Hopefully, this will clear up my stomach/skin issues and I’ll be feeling right as rain soon. Smile

<—Do you ever need a “clean-up” period after an indulgent couple of weeks?

<— Eggs and sweet – do you think it works?


8 thoughts on “Clean It Up Week.

  1. Hi,

    I try eating healthy as much as I can but as much as I do well during the week as soon as I hit the weekend the healthy eating slides.
    I’m too easily influenced by my b/f who can just eat and eat and eat and stay stick thin. Gotta remember that I don’t work the same way!

    Jenna x

  2. Love the goals, so reasonable, so healthy so balanced. You will nail it for sure.

  3. Love the goals! I’ll join you 🙂 WAY too much eating out lately.

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