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Scene of Mindless Eating.


I can’t think of a good intro today so…


I could not let a full day go by without eating another one of those enchiladas.


Again, topped with salsa, guacamole and sour cream.

Seriously, I can’t get enough of these. I’m going to be sad when the leftovers are gone (although, that means I just may be making them again very soon)!

I still had stuff at my parent’s house that needed to be packed up, so I headed over there this afternoon.

My mom likes her extracurricular athletic activities. She plays volleyball in the winter, and golf and baseball during the summer – basically, she’s not home for dinner at least one night a week.

Now, my mom hates fish. The taste, the smell, the texture – she just can’t stand it (clearly, I didn’t inherit that trait. I adore seafood of any kind). Since my dad and I are fans, when I was living at home we had a tradition of making fish on the night she wouldn’t be there.

Since I was going to be home when my mom wasn’t, clearly the tradition had to be continued. My dad had got fresh Lake Erie trout from someone he works with, so that had to be broken out tonight.


Two massive pieces of trout, barbecuing away…


Yea, that is a massive pile of fish. A massive, delicious pile.

Served with corn and peas on the side.


Another random food tradition in my family: there was a bag of frozen corn and a bag of frozen peas in the freezer at all times. Whenever we were low on fresh produce, we would always pull out the corn and peas. Makes a perfect side with dinner. Smile

Where the Overeating Occurs

After my mom got home, I was sitting and chatting with her, snacking away at some tortilla chips. I wasn’t hungry (far from it) but I was snacking just for the sake of snacking.

I notice I always do this when I’m at my parents home – regardless of my hunger levels, I always head straight for the pantry to see what food my parents have.

I don’t know if this happens because it’s the scene of my high school binging, or just because what they have is different than what I have in my pantry.

It’s one of those situations where I always find myself doing unnecessary snacking, and something I need to work on. I mean, it’s my parents house, so I’m going to be there often! After a few minutes of realizing what I was doing, I busied myself with (what else) packing. I find as long as I have a distraction, I can pull myself away from it and stop the mindless snack attack.

<—What are some of the “food traditions” in your family?

<— Do you have a certain place/situation where you tend to overeat? Do you have any tricks for preventing it?


12 thoughts on “Scene of Mindless Eating.

  1. *drools*

    who needs an intro when you have an enchilada like THAT!? 🙂

  2. I find rinsing with whitening mouthwash & then brushing my teeth helps me stop mindlessly eating. I don’t want to ruin the clean-mouth feeling!

  3. ah I can relate. same thing, it is a conscious effort when I am at my home to realize that old behaviors do not have to define me now. I am so different than what I was so I have to realize that old behaviors don’t need to just appear. You are not alone girl! I am going to try cooking fish that way when I have a grill, looks amazing.

  4. Yea, I get this with tortilla chips and crackers lol you’re def not alone sometimes you just can’t stop lol I tend to not buy crackers because I’ve been known to down an entire box in 2 days lol but with tortilla chips I usually chew slower, which helps me 🙂

  5. I always overeat with cereal! Can’t stop with one bowl.

    Or just one spoonful of peanut butter.

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  7. U do the same thing whenever I go home too and I think it’s a) bc it’s habit (from lack of discipline when younger) b) novelty and curiously, c) they keep things I don’t. Also sheer nosiness. I wish I didn’t tho

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