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What If Spinach Had a Mascot?


Let’s see how I did on day two of Clean It Up Week!


Yea, about that boiling water thing… Smile

But look!



(Well hello, stomach in the kettle reflection. Ignore that Smile).

Love this stuff! I picked it up at random last year and it’s become one of my favourites. Although, pumpkin spice always wins out in the tea category.



The last day of strength exercises on Livefit…so close to being done!

Livefit Day 82 – Shoulders/Calves/Cardio

3 rounds (with 3 – 5 minute rests) of:

  • 20 dumbbell shoulder press (12.5 lb dumbbells, up 2.5 lbs)
  • 20 seated bent over rear delt raise (15 lb dumbbells)
  • 20 front dumbbell raise (5 lb dumbbells)
  • 20 side lateral raise (5 lb dumbbells) – I realized I totally forgot this last week. Oops.
  • 20 standing upright dumbbell raise (10 lb dumbbells)
  • 20 calf press on leg machine It was being used and I am impatient, so I did horizontal calf press instead (180 lbs)
  • 20 standing calf raise (105 lbs), up 5 lbs)


  • 30 – 40 minutes cardio, keeping heart rate below max


My legs were feeling a bit tight today, so I made it a slow 30 minute run.

The splits:

  • mile 1: 9:49
  • mile 2: 9:37
  • mile 3: 9:32
  • .11 nubbin: 9:21


Gotta love those accidental negative splits.





The never-failing protein pancake.



Topped with caramelized bananas, blueberries, raspberries and PB2 sauce.

And, of course:



Totally worth the 5 minutes it took to boil. Smile


What if Spinach Had a Mascot?

Yesterday, Eric showed me this graphic:



(I’ve been looking for the original source, but I can’t find it. If anyone knows, can they send it to me? K thanks).

Of course, this graphic makes a good point. Kids watch tv and see Ronald McDonald and Tony the Tiger all day, telling them to eat Happy Meals and Frosted Flakes. Of course they’re going to steer mom towards that sort of thing while out shopping (whoever decided to start putting McDonald’s in WalMart is a marketing genius, but wow – that does not help obesity, now does it?).

Fruits and vegetables don’t look nearly as appealing as a bright, shiny Lucky Charms leprechaun or a Keebler elf.

It got me thinking…would healthy foods be more appealing to kids if we got random fruit/vegetable mascots? What would we use?

Spinach, that’s pretty obvious.


Nobody could sell spinach like Popeye. Although, maybe kids should be warned that spinach will not make your forearms terrifyingly large.


For apples, my original thought was Snow White:


But come to think of it, she nearly died because she ate an apple. Probably not the best representation.



He’s a monkey. Pretty self-explanatory.

I’m sure there’s a lot more I could think of.

Basically, Oreos and Snickers look more appealing to kids because there’s ads on tv (either using mascots or just pretty pictures and appealing words) selling it to them. They bug their parents, parents buy it. Maybe if we tried to make healthy foods more appealing to kids, they’d be bugging their parents for apples just as much as they bug them for cookies. Just a thought!


<—What’s one healthy food you would give a mascot? What would it be?

<—What’s your opinion on advertising processed  or fast foods to children?


8 thoughts on “What If Spinach Had a Mascot?

  1. Don’t forget Bugs Bunny and his carrots! And just like there’s not many fun mascots for fruits and veggies, there’s also never coupons for produce either. Coupons for chips, soda and cookies? Sure! Fresh produce? Nope. So annoying!

  2. I used to hate spinach (love it now) and my mom would always say “but don’t you wanna be strong like Popeye?” haha Hell no, I don’t- his arms were huge and his body awkward and he was violent and talked funny with that darn pipe! I don’t wanna be him! haha but yes, that’s a side note.

    I always love protein pancakes as well, they have become one of my favorite meals lately. I do my own variations of them but I’m about to check yours out too!

  3. So true about the coupons. Why aren’t there any coupons for produce? It’d make eating healthy so much more attractive to so many more people.

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