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Breaking the Diet Rules.


Good morning!

Last night was definitely one of the better dinners I’ve had lately.

So a bit of a rewind…


While I was at my parent’s the previous night, Nadine had picked up Costco rotisserie chicken…aka, one of my favourite things in existence. Clearly, I was all over that for lunch in the form of a massive salad.


Romaine, cucumber, sweet potato, shredded chicken and blueberries, all topped with a little bit of balsamic vinaigrette.


So many of my favourite flavours going on here. I love the sweetness that the potato and blueberries added!


Eric and I had decided we wanted one last big dinner with our families before the move Saturday. So last night, we brought everyone (we ended up with 16 people in total – nice big party) together at Fellini Koolini’s, a cute little Italian place in downtown London.

I pulled out a dress I had purchased last week for the occasion.


I’m not a fashionable person whatsoever, but I adore this dress. I’m trying to slowly update my wardrobe (I’m very much a tank top and jeans girl) but I’m trying to make myself look a little more professional/put together. You know, employable. Smile

Fellini’s has one of the best atmospheres I’ve ever seen in a restaurant. It’s in a converted house, so it feels very homey and comfortable (of course, it’s an Italian restaurant, so it means that the lighting is very dim. You’ll have to excuse the poor photo quality)! For some reason, I’m obsessed with restaurants in converted houses. I just find it so cute.


They have wine glasses hanging in bottles from the ceiling. I love that!

They seated us in a large, private room on the upper floor. The added privacy was definitely a nice touch.


Lots of elbow room at the table, which I appreciated. I hate it when you’re so crowded at the table your elbow is practically in the food of the person next to you!


My cousin Kristen and her boyfriend Cody. She’s a cutie. Smile

Right when you sit down, there’s a collection of breadsticks and oil for dipping on the table.


(ugh, blurry shots. Note to self, get better with the camera).

The breadsticks are super crunchy, so I didn’t partake. I love pretzels and other crunchy things, but for some reason I much prefer soft bread.

To drink, I ordered a glass of White Zinfandel.


I love my pink wines. A while back, you couldn’t get me near a bottle of wine. Now I love it, it just needs to be light and fruity. If I try a really dry red wine, I will actually gag a little. Can’t do it!

For dinner, I decided to order off the Taste of Italy menu, which comes with an appetizer and a main. While I would normally choose a salad for my starter, I noticed they had one of my favourite foods on the list that I absolutely had to get.



I adore calamari, but it has to be done well. Bad calamari is the worst thing ever.

Fortunately, this was perfectly tender with just the right amount of breading. It came with two dipping sauces (that for the life I can’t remember what they were – sorry!) that complimented the calamari wonderfully. I shared this with Eric and Nadine, and they raved about it as well.

For dinner, I ordered the Futti Di Mare. Lobster, scallops, shrimp, crab and vegetables in a white wine tomato sauce served with angel hair. Is that a seafood lovers dream or what?

When I asked if they could sub the angel hair for whole wheat pasta, they were quick to accommodate, which was nice. While I’ll eat regular pasta, I definitely appreciate it when restaurants have a whole wheat option. I also noticed on the menu that they had gluten-free options for the pasta and for their pizza crust – which is awesome.


Umm, wow. Do you see the SIZE of that scallop and that shrimp? Massive.


This was so good, I “mmm’ed” my way through every bite. It had a good amount of veggies, and the seafood was tender and flavourful. It had been waaay too long since I’ve had lobster – delicious.

I ate all the good stuff and left a little bit of the pasta on my plate – amazing dinner.

It was a great dinner with great company. Thanks Fellini’s, and thanks to mine and Eric’s amazing families for a great night.

On the way back to the car, we passed Yoyo’s…and I had some money left on a gift card that was burning a hole in my pocket. Winking smile


(of course, the fro-yo picture is the best quality of the night. Hello, priorities).

I had a mix of vanilla and mocha frozen yogurts (maybe I’m starting to develop a taste for coffee? But only in heavily sugared forms) with chocolate macaroons, chocolate covered pretzels, banana slices, mini wheats, marshmallows and sprinkles. Most definitely a great way to top off the evening. Smile

Breaking the Diet Rules

I have read pretty much all the diet advice out there. While I had an eating disorder, when I was in recovery, and even now I’ll read it when I stumble upon it in my daily online browsing. I always tried to follows the advice it would give to a tee. Whether it told me that I should reduce my carbs, exercise more or take a multivitamin, I would immediately file that away mentally and apply it later.

One of the rules I came across consistently? Never order a drink, an appetizer and a dessert. Choose one or two, but never all three.

This advice always stuck with me. Whenever I would go out to a restaurant, I would decide which one or two (or none) I would decide to get. I was feeling a drink? No dessert. I wanted dessert? No appetizer.

Last night, I wanted a glass of wine. So I got one. Calamari sounded awesome, so I ordered that. Froyo seemed like a great ending, so I made Eric stop there so I could get a bowl.

I also broke my current self-imposed diet rules. I’m in the middle of my Clean It Up Week. Calamari breaks my deep-fried food rule, and fro-yo breaks my rule about limiting added sugars.

I broke another one of my self-imposed diet rules – I told Eric I wanted Yoyo’s, but he was feeling too full. So we stopped, I got a bowl and we sat outside and chatted while I ate it. A year ago, this would NOT have happened. I could never be the only person to get dessert – I thought it came off as gluttonous and weak. If I suggested dessert and no one wanted to partake, I wouldn’t either, and be secretly grumpy and a little bit resentful of everyone else. If they didn’t want dessert, that meant I couldn’t partake.

You know what?

Rule breaking is awesome.

Last night had so much amazing food that I couldn’t care less about a diet rule. I had been eating well for a few days and I was having a great night with family, so I just went with what sounded good. I enjoyed every bite of what I had and didn’t allow any guilt whatsoever. While I indulged, it wasn’t to the extreme (I shared the calamari, had only one glass of wine and kept the fro-yo bowl at around $5) and it was all stuff I loved. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that!

Being a diet rebel is awesome. Do it sometimes. Smile

So in review of Day 4 of Clean It Up Week:

  • Pre-workout: 2 dates dipped in almond butter
  • Breakfast: smoothie and a Vitatop
  • Lunch: salad beast
  • Snack: shredded chicken (Yes, I’ll snack on it. Is that weird)?
  • Dinner: calamari, Futti Di Mare and fro-yo
  • Drinks: water, glass of wine

Not 100% in line with my rules but I enjoyed every bite. Smile


Last night’s dinner kept me pretty full, so it took a little while for me to get hungry this morning.


I was feeling something simple, so I went with eggs and fruit.

I scrambled up 1 egg + liquid egg whites with salt, pepper and chile powder.


A sliced banana and bluberries with a dollop of peanut butter on the side.

Super satisfying breakfast.

Plans for the day involve a Body Flow class at 10:30, followed by laundry and packing. Woot Friday! I’m still planning on doing a review of Phase 3 tonight, so make sure you come back for that.

Have a lovely day!

<—Do you have self imposed diet rules? When was the last time you broke them?


16 thoughts on “Breaking the Diet Rules.

  1. oo yea, I have my own rules haha I try to break them just so I don’t make myself crazy 🙂 I never tried a sweet potato in my salad, looks good!

  2. can i just say you are such a refreshing perspective to read in the blog world? I hate seeing bloggers deprive themselves at every single freaking meal because of one other challenge or another, even when they go out. live in the moment. as someone in recovery as well, I appreciate the perspective you have. A LOT

  3. I’m a terrible rule follower. 🙂

    Your rule breaking looks amazing! I love to have a full dining experience, ordering multiple items so I can really see what the cafe is about. And wine – of course – is a must. 🙂

  4. So jealous of that fro-yo, looks amazing.
    I enjoy my food way too much to give up the stuff I love completely. I just wouldn’t last.
    I need to learn not to feel guilty afterwards though!

    J x

    • I’ve never seen mini wheats as a fro-yo topping, it pretty much made my life. 🙂

      I’m starting to realize that I love desserts too much to give them up, so why should I? The guilt is definitely hard to deal with, but keep working on it and you’ll get there. 😀

  5. Totally jealous of that dinner. I only order pasta when I go out. Boxed pasta kinda sucks. Haha. The fresh stuff is the bomb.

  6. I don’t have diet rules – to me they are waaay too restrictive and I always associate the food with guilt, which to me is really disordered and takes away from the joy of food for me.

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