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Rehashing August.


Holy Jesus, it’s September. I’m moving today.


In the meantime, here’s the  Better With Sprinkles August highlights!

Recipe of the Month Club


Working on My Fitness

Moments of the Month


Random Stuff I Blog About

Definitely a great month!

And now, Let’s wrap up the final day of Clean It Up Week!

While I was by no means perfect on this plan, I had absolutely no intention to be. My goal was to make my stomach feel better and my skin look better, both of which are in a much better place than they were a week ago. So, I consider it a success.

And today? Breakfast was an unpictured chocolate chip bagel. This, my friends, is moving.

<— What are some of your highlights from August?

<— Favourite bagel topping? Cannot go wrong with classic cream cheese.


6 thoughts on “Rehashing August.

  1. gosh that steak looks so good, you have had a great month for sure!

  2. Classic bagel topping would be cream cheese AND lox (smoked salmon) 🙂

  3. You’re moving today? Good luck 🙂

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