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September Goals


One of the best things about having a blog: accountability.

I can plan to do something, make it a public announcement and then I pretty much feel compelled to follow through it.

So, let’s discuss some goals for September!


1. Touch my toes.

I have never been a flexible person. Like whatsoever. I’m the person in yoga class who will never get my heels on the ground in downward dog or touch my toes. I was getting a little better before Livefit, when I was taking yoga classes once a week.

But, when I went to BodyFlow on Friday I noticed that my flexibility had regressed a bit.

So I want to do what I’ve never been able to do in my life. Straight legs, touching toes. I’ll be doing a lot of stretching and a lot of yoga this month to try and accomplish this.


2. Make my new home a home.

This marks the first official apartment I’ve ever had with Eric (we had been living in his mom’s basement for almost a year, so that only half counts). I want to make our first apartment feel cozy and homey. I know I’ll probably have issues with homesickness and whatnot, but I just want to decorate the apartment to our liking and have it really feel like “our” apartment.



Having a massive bay window will definitely help!


3. Be socially active in school.

I am a shy person. My closest friends are all ones I’ve had for years, I don’t do well with making new ones. My program in school is going to be very small (11 students in the entire program) so there will be a lot of interaction with other students. I’m hoping I’ll be able to be sociable and find a good place for myself in the program.



The guy that biked Laura and I around in Mexico only half counts as a friend.


4. Re-learn how to balance school, fitness and life.

I’ve been laid off from my job since June, and before that I was only working part time. Basically, I’ve had a lot of free time in the last year. This is going to be a huge change when I go back to school. I can’t roll out of bed whenever I want, go to the gym whenever I want, have complete access to the kitchen for all my meals, ect. I’m going to need to relearn how to fit everything in in a day! I’ve also got blogging to consider to, as this little love of mine takes up a lot of my day.


<— What are your September goals?


12 thoughts on “September Goals

  1. I LOVE THESE, I mean seriously you have your head in a great place for them. I need to work on flexibility so you kind of inspired me to set a goal like that rather than’ stretch more’. Much more of a SMART goal if you have heard that acronym before. I am with you on making my apartment more of a home as well.

  2. Love your goals! I’ve also been trying to get more flexible lately… I’m trying to be able to do a split again lol and I’m also a shy person, so I totally can relate to that and trying to be more socially active 🙂

  3. No goals for me really. I guess just keep on keeping on?

  4. I am soooo with you on the touching toes business, let’s try to do it together! I have never been able to touch my toes, I am crazy inflexible! But it can be done with LOTS of stretching… now I am determined 🙂

  5. Those are some great goals! I need to be better about stretching so that I can continue to be able to touch my toes. 🙂

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