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The Process of Moving.


So this is what the last few days have looked like (photo dump time):





Just y’know, chilling in the driveway.




New apartment!



Such a helpful (and shirtless) brother.



Not a lot of food in the apartment + tired after a full day of moving = find a close, cheap restaurant for dinner. We stumbled across Viet Thai Basil Restaurant on Brant Ave., which fit the bill nicely. I ordered a shrimp sauté dish with vegetables, mushrooms and pineapple on vermicelli noodles.



First real meal of the day. There are no words for how satisfying that was.

This is what we get to sleep on until my dad delivers my bed on Saturday:




Air mattress > floor, so we’ll take it for now.


So needed on the first night:



Definitely hit the spot.



The first breakfast in the new apartment:



An apple crumb Vitatop, a sliced banana (that I had rescued from the car Saturday) and a scoop of almond butter. It did the trick.


The plan was to go grocery shopping, but when we picked up a few things at Costco, we realized that the bank had screwed up the joint chequeing account we had set up a few weeks before. Basically, they set it up so that we can’t withdraw money or use the debit cards (why would we get debit cards if we didn’t want to use them? Fail RBC, fail). We need to go in to the bank to get it fixed, which we can’t do until tomorrow. So I have to wait until tomorrow to get groceries. Umm, nightmare-ish.

We had some cash, so we grabbed a few staples to get us through until then. But yea, meals have required a lot of repeats and a lot of creativity so far.

The BFF came over bearing housewarming gifts:



She works at Bath and Body Works. This is the best smelling thing in existence.

I made some dinner for the 3 of us:



A stirfry/fried rice of sorts with brown rice, frozen stirfry veggies, shredded chicken, an egg, soy sauce and a ginger marinade. It definitely did the trick (and created leftovers, so useful right now).


The fact that this is within walking distance to my apartment could be the best thing ever or the worst thing ever:


Best. Definitely, best.



That would be cookies n cream ice cream with pretzel M&Ms and rolos.



This was a small. It was like 3 scoops. It cost $2.50 before toppings. Yes, this is amazing.

Umm, why don’t I go for cookies n cream more often? I haven’t had it in years and it is so much better than I ever remember it being. Devoured.


I want one.



(A pug, not tax services).


One thing that I am finding terrifying about Brantford: the sheer size of the spiders I’m seeing outside.


That thing is like the size of loonie. Have I ever mentioned that I’m terrified of spiders?






Multigrain Cheerios with chocolate protein almond milk (about 3/4 cup unsweetened chocolate almond milk with 1/2 scoop chocolate peanut butter protein powder. I use Whey Gourmet brand).



My first real lunch since Friday.



Scrambled eggs with chipotle sauce, baby carrots and hummus (I told you there’s creativity required right now).



While I was definitely still eating during the move, it was a lot easier to snack throughout the afternoon rather than sitting down for lunch. Not a route I like to take, but life happens.

A lot of these were consumed between Eric and I:


More ingredients/fake stuff than I normally like, but they were tasty and they got the job done.


We met our neighbour and we got off on the right foot:



If you want me to like you, just give me food and I can pretty much guarantee we’ll be friends.


Monday dinner:



Shredded BBQ chicken sandwiches (I did mine open face) on whole wheat bread, plus a side of stir fried veggies.




I used Stubbs Honey Pecan BBQ sauce for the chicken, and it was ridiculously delicious.

Having limited groceries is definitely testing my creativity in the kitchen, but I think I’m doing ok!


So, we’ve got a lot donem but we there’s still a lot to do. We need to get our internet set up (the internet is up, but apparently we need a new modem, so no internet until tomorrow, boo), we want to order Netflicks (we’ve decided to forgo cable) and there’s a bunch of stuff that my dad’s going to deliver on Saturday (the bed, bathroom shelves, bookcase and my shoerack). I’ll give you a proper tour once we have everything read to go!


I also still need to get my act together for school – I start on Monday! It’s finally starting to hit me that I’m going to be a grad student in less than a week. It’s a bit terrifying, really! I still need to get my books, get my student card, write out my schedule, meet my professors/other students in the program…

Clearly, a lot of stuff to get done this week. Hopefully, I’ll be back with regular posting tomorrow!


<— Do you like having your creativity tested in the kitchen?

<— Anyone else starting/going back to school right now? Anyone else starting a new program and intimidated as hell by it? Or is that just me?


17 thoughts on “The Process of Moving.

  1. Yay! I think moving into a new place is so exciting! Congratulations on your new home!

    I do love having my creativity tested in the kitchen. I guess I like the challenge. I like inventing new dishes that are delicious, nutritious and economical.

    Good luck in school!

  2. Moving is always a pain! Glad you got through it 🙂

  3. I am glad you have a week to settle in before school. I love that little window space, so adorable. I think that place is going to be great for you. um a 24/7 ice cream place drool!

  4. Congrats on the new place! Love the bay windows and green wall! And wine is a definite must after moving

  5. From what it looks like your new place looks really cute! Yay for being a grad student! I just finished mine up this past May 🙂

  6. Moving is the biggest pain over, glad you got through it of course! Congratulations on the new pace, it looks so cute!

  7. A TWENTY FOUR HOUR ICE CREAM SHOP?!!? Omg, I would be so broke…and overweight! Lol Best idea ever!

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