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Things on a Thursday.


1. The new pan I’m using for protein pancakes is a lot bigger than my old one. When I made a pancake yesterday it ended up being super thin – a protein crepe?



2. There are few things better in the world than a stocked fridge/pantry.



Thank god for groceries.




Mmm, food. I stocked up on my unsweetened chocolate almond milk, whole wheat pasta, bread, cottage cheese, salad greens, sweet potatoes, fruit…I can make normal (well, normal for me) meals again!

(And I look kind of like a marinade fiend, don’t I? Got them as a present from my dad – the BBQ chicken marinade is amazing).


3. Clearly, I’m still getting used to my new oven.



Slightly burnt sweet potato fries are still awesome sweet potato fries.


4. The only workouts I’ve been doing this week are carrying boxes/furniture up stairs (definitely counts as a workout), going for walks, a bit of yoga and a lot of stretching. I will get to those toes!


5. Without internet, Eric and I have been watching a lot of tv shows we got/borrowed from people. We’re in the middle of No Reservations and Prison Break, and we’ve started Downton Abbey.


Why didn’t anyone tell me Prison Break was so good?! I’m just getting into it now, like, 8 years after it started. I love Wentworth Miller, even though he looks like he’s always squinting.


Can someone just put him in a dim room or something?

6. I had oats for breakfast this morning. I promise there’s oats in there somewhere.



Buried under a sliced banana, strawberries, almond butter and coconut.


7. I picked this up in lieu of regular oats:



I’m definitely a fan – it adds a little bit to regular flaked oats.


8. I won my first ever blog giveaway yesterday! I won a 16 pack of Larabars from Kenzie. Umm, yea. 16 Larabars? Fabulous. I knew I got a four leaf clover tattoo for a reason. Winking smile


9. I really hope I get internet back today (apparently, we need a technician to come out to the house to see if the problem is external or internal. It could take 48 hours. Le sigh). I miss it/regular blogging so much (hopefully, I’m almost done with these sporadic posts and I can get somewhat scheduled again). Thanks for bearing with me, you guy are awesome. Smile


10. This opens in Brantford this weekend. I definitely moved here at the right time. Smile

Have a lovely day!


<— What are some staples you always have in your fridge?

<— Any tv shows you’ve gotten into years after everyone else?


20 thoughts on “Things on a Thursday.

  1. yay for groceries, what a great feeling right? I am glad you are making most of the rougher time you are having now with moving. Seems like you guys are settling in though.

  2. Yay! I’m glad you’ve got your home all stocked up with yummy food!

    Your dinner/lunch with the sweet potato fries looks so yummy to me! Even though the fries are burnt. I like having simple dinners with just meat and veggies.

    Also, I really like Anthony Bourdain. I like his philosophy on food and being a gracious traveller. Plus, I like his outspoken opinions.

    Yay for winning that giveaway! Larabars are so good and I like the all natural, no chemicals ingredient list.

    And hooray for a new health food store!!!

  3. Haha! I like to comment on things that make me happy. 🙂

    I haven’t read any of his books. It sounds like I would like them. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Crepes are good with the right fillings 🙂

  5. Weee Dowton Abby, true love right there! Are you enjoying it thus far? I seriously cannot wait for the third season…im actually rewatching the first season right now, just for kicks 🙂 Yay for winning a giveaway, it really is exciting, plus you won something real good

    • We’re only gotten 2 episodes into the first season (wanted to get through the rest of season 1 of Prison Break first) but so far, I’m liking it a lot!
      Although, it’s slightly awkward when you see people in shows you know from elsewhere. For example, everytime I see Maggie Smith I yell McGonagall in my head. And they’ve got Ygritte from GOF, so same kinda deal there. 😀

      I was having a bad day when I saw that I had won, so it definitely made it better!

  6. don’t feel bad — i’m always late with shows too. i didn’t start watching golden girls until college. yeah, that’s like 20 years late. haha!

  7. I’m kinda late to the Breaking Bad party… have only seen the first season so far and I’m hooked!

  8. I’m not a marinade fiend but I am a total condiment whore hahaha. So I can understand your eclectic array of marinades in your fridge! Right now I have garlic jam and zucchini relish both waiting to be utilized!
    I actually prefer my fries/bread burnt under the broiler a bit! I love me some carcinogens.
    Glad to hear you’ve got your fridge stocked and ready to go with your staples! It’s a great feeling.

  9. How did you flip such a big pancake without breaking it?! I’m way too uncoordinated for that, but there’s something awesome about eating one massive ‘cake.

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  11. NOTHING better than a fully stocked pantry/fridge! And your collection of condiments looks like mine! I’m totally addicted…actually I think I need a bigger refrigerator door! Lol Staples for me include cottage cheese and/or yogurt (although I’ve definitely been downing more cottage cheese lately), eggs, and spinach…if any of those three are missing, I start to get a little panicky! Haha!

    I haven’t had cable in like two years, but I have a Netflix subscription and I am totally addicted to Gossip Girl!

    • That’s what Eric and I are planning on doing! Imma need more Prison Break, I loved the first season, now I need to see more!

      I definitely have the same staples! If I don’t have eggs, spinach and cottage cheese or yogurt, I am not a happy girl. 🙂

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