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One Day, I Will Rival Sabra.


Another busy Saturday, done.

I was up at 7 am (in a real bed, that was then packed up and brought to Brantford that afternoon. No more air mattress!) and at the market by 8. I wasn’t hungry when I woke up (must have been that pie) so I packed my breakfast to bring with me.




A 0% lime Oikos, strawberries, sliced almonds and a mix of cereals.

When my mom buys cereal, she tends to throw them all together in one of those bulk cereal containers. It means when I eat cereal at my parents I have absolutely no idea what I’m eating. Kind of a cereal adventure. Smile This had some sort of cheerios, what I believe is Honey Bunches of Oats, and some sort of granola. Deliciousness.



Because I know I end up snacking a lot at the market, I know to pack a smaller, simple lunch.

Giant tupperware salad, you’ll do nicely.



Leftovers from last nights salad, with more feta and some chopped chicken thrown in (there’s loads more toppings there, they’re just hidden under the lettuce).  Topped with the same salad dressing – it looks awful. Putrid. But…it tastes awesome, and my mom let me take the bottle back with me to Brantford. Smile


Best snacks of the market:

  • A fruit filled chocolate from Habitual Chocolate – It was dark chocolate with some sort of fruit filling. I think it might have been apricot?
  • A bite of aged cheddar made with red wine. I have no words for how tasty that was (Although it was pink. That’s a little weird).


After work, I headed back to my parents to pack up the rest of my stuff. Then we were off to Brantford with the final load!

Getting everything into the apartment was about 90% successful. We couldn’t get the boxspring up the second flight of stairs (my apartment has a little bit of a weird setup. You go up one flight of stairs to get to the apartment, and the bedroom and bathroom is up another flight as a loft/attic situation), so my bed is missing that. But, considering that I have everything else, I’ll take it.

Slowly but surely, it’s coming together. I got the bed made, the bathroom almost done, and the bookshelf loaded. I still need to get my shoe rack loaded (all my shoes are currently in a box in the closet) but that’ll probably happen tomorrow. I’m done working today.



Dinner was not going to be anything fancy tonight.



Awkwardly-lit spinach and feta pizza with carrot sticks, bell pepper strips and homemade hummus for dipping. This hummus batch turned out decent, but I need to make a few adjustments – I want to make it smoother!


I’m planning on relaxing for a little while, then Eric and I are grabbing a drink downtown. We’ve been here a week and we haven’t checked out the nightlife now that all the student’s are back. Clearly, that needs to be changed.


Hope your Saturday has been fabulous!


<—Any tips or tricks for making hummus super smooth? The goal is to rival Sabra. That stuff is magical.

<— Do you eat mixed cereals, or are you a cereal purist?


5 thoughts on “One Day, I Will Rival Sabra.

  1. Being the “cereal killer” that I am, the way I see it, the more the merrier! I especially love it when you combine a mellow tasting cereal like Cheerios or Kashi with something sweet and crunchy…I have a “healthy” version of Honey Bunches of oats that I love mixing in with my other cereals…and milk is a thing of the past…it’s all about the yogurt nowadays! More protein AND since it’s thicker, it helps me to not demolish the bowl in like 2.5 seconds! Interesting combo with the lime yogurt and the strawberries…I just picked up a container of Yoplait’s new Greek yogurt in key lime…I may have to try that!

    Mmmm, cheeeeeeeese! I’m such a sucker for exotic cheeses!

    Chickpeas – skins = the smoothest hummus that will EVER leave your food processor! It takes a bit of time to peel them, but it’s definitely worth it if your looking to rival Sabra! 😀

    • Thanks for the hummus tip Heather! Next batch will definitely be skinless. 🙂

      And I definitely need yogurt with my cereal if I want to stay full for more than 2.5 seconds. If was an interesting flavour combination, but it worked surprisingly well! Strawberries were the only fruit my parents had in the house, but I made it work. 🙂

  2. Please tell me my comment didn’t just get deleted! :-/

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