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Thoughts From a Hot Yoga Newbie.




A Fitnessista Breakfast Cookie, made with banana, peanut butter chocolate protein powder, almond butter, coconut and dried cherries. I made it this morning and let it sit for an hour and a half instead of overnight, so it was still a little bit liquid-y. But, still delicious.

My grad program is set up so that we only have four days of classes, giving us Fridays off. Definitely much appreciated! I’m declaring it an off day from workouts too – today, I’m focusing on getting some assignments done (right, school is about work), doing groceries, errand running and meal planning.

Since we’re going to be a bit more budgeted than we’ve been in the past when it comes to groceries, I’m going to start implementing a weekly meal plan. Nothing too strict, but I’ll come up with 5 or 6 dinners per week based on what’s on sale and shop accordingly. I’ll discuss this more tomorrow when I show you what I buy today!


This may have happened after class yesterday:



Since I’m now a Golden Hawk, I guess I should start showing a bit of school pride, eh? (and Canadian pride, apparently).

As did this:


A snowcone!

I’m pretty sure it had been YEARS since I’d had one of these – I promise it’s tastier than it looks. I combined cherry and lemon lime flavours. Sounds good, tastes good, looks like ass. Smile



After class, one of my classmates and I headed over the Pantry Market Café for lunch. It’s a cute little sandwich shop in the downtown district. They offer a 10% discount to students, which is much appreciated. Smile

I ordered a Bruschetta Chicken Panini – chicken, tomato, pesto, mayo and a mix of swiss and mozzerella cheese pressed to perfection. It’s normally served on a bun, but I asked for it on whole wheat bread and they were happy to accommodate.


I really need to start eating pesto more often, it’s delicious.

The café itself is very cute and home-y looking, and the food is served on china plates. I can imagine it’s very appealing to students – it feels like you’re back at home and Mom just made you a sandwich. Smile

It was a fabulous lunch and I will definitely be back; they had a great looking salad menu as well.



I wanted a simple, light dinner because I had plans afterwards.



A veggie burger salad. Pretty much exactly like this one – except I used hummus instead of cheese and BBQ sauce instead of ketchup. Variety, just for you guys. Smile

The after dinner plans?


Hot yoga!

Included in a coupon book I received in the mail was a coupon for a free hot yoga class at Manifest Yoga in downtown Brantford. While I’ve done plenty of yoga, I’d never experienced a hot yoga class – no time like the present! I saw they had a Thursday night Hot Vinyasa class, so I made plans to go.


Thoughts from a Hot Yoga Newbie

Upon entering the building:

  • This isn’t too bad. It’s hot, but I can handle this.


Upon entering the studio where the class is held:

  • JESUS this is hot. People exercise in this?


Laying in Savasana:

  • Uh-oh, I have to sneeze. Am I allowed to sneeze? I think I’ll interrupt someone’s chi.
  • *Sneeze*
  • Oh good, no one’s said anything.
  • I’m just laying here and I’m already sweaty. Maybe this is why people are supposed to bring a towel…


During the session:

  • And, here comes the sweat.
  • Yup, really should have brought a towel.
  • Really, REALLY, should have brought a towel.
  • I did not realize it was possible to sweat this much.
  • I can’t even do downward dog anymore – I’m sliding all over the place.
  • Oh good, child’s pose – Eww, sweat’s going up my nose!!


Final Savasana:

  • I didn’t just sweat on my mat; I’m pretty sure there’s like a 3 foot sweat radius around me.
  • Wait – why is she touching me?
  • I have no idea what she just put behind my ears, but it smells amazing.
  • I don’t know if I would want to be a yoga teacher, having to touch sweaty people. Seriously, what was that stuff?
  • The door’s opening? SWEET RELIEF.


Just a tad damp. Smile

This was definitely a cool experience, but I doubt I’ll be going back anytime soon. While I love yoga and will continue to practice it, joining a hot yoga studio is just not in the budget. Unfortunate, because it was a fabulous workout.


On the way home we passed a bunch of kids breakdancing in the town square. I though that only happened in Step-Up type movies – kinda cool to watch.


Post-yoga snack: vanilla Greek yogurt, strawberries and cheerios. Definitely did the trick.

I’m pretty sure I’m still drinking back all the water I lost from yoga – that workout is definitely no joke.

Happy Friday!

<— Have you ever tried hot yoga? What did you think?

<— What random nighttime activities do you see in your town? Did not expect to see breakdancing, I can tell you that much.


17 thoughts on “Thoughts From a Hot Yoga Newbie.

  1. snowcones are my favorite. seriously i always get them at the ice cream truck, yes i still go to those. i miss hot yoga, I used to go to one near me and freaking loved it. such a great feeling and so good for my body

  2. I can’t got on board with yoga in general. I’m just not that patient! And hot yoga… it just smelled too bad for me. LOL!

  3. haha I always wanted to try hot yoga… def looks like a good workout!

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  5. I’ve always wanted to try hot yoga, but still haven’t. A snowcone?? I haven’t had one of those in forever!

  6. I know this is weird since I’m a fitness blogger and bikini competitor but I actually HATE getting sweaty haha. It’s just so UNCOMFORTABLE!! lol! I’m such a pansy.

  7. I love your thoughts throughout because I felt very similar during my first class. They had me laughing for sure! I had no idea what any of the proper ‘etiquette’ was and was in desperate need of a towel. My studio has a student/health professional discount, so I took advantage of that, bought a yoga towel (a must for hot yoga) and am now addicted. Way to show the school spirit!

  8. Never been to yoga. Probably never will 😉

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