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Let’s Talk Groceries and Meal Planning.


Happy Saturday! Any exciting plans for the weekend?


I started my day off with one of my favourites.



Protein pancake, you never fail me. My usual mix (minus the flax seed, I don’t have any at the moment) with banana slices and PB2 sauce on top. I tried making the PB2 with unsweetened chocolate almond milk (I usually use water) and it made it even more chocolatey. More chocolate = always a good thing, in my book.


Food Budgets and Meal Plans

For the first time ever, I’m trying to stick to a budget when it comes to the food Eric and I eat. The vast majority of our meals are eaten at home (we eat out maybe once every week or two right now), so I need to make sure our fridge is good of wholesome, cheap stuff for us to work with.

This is my current strategy for figuring out meals:

  1. I collect flyers throughout the week for the major grocery stores in our area.
  2. Then, I figure out what’s on sale, and plan 5 or 6 dinner around them. This leaves 1 or 2 nights for leftovers, easy dinners (Annie’s Mac and Cheese, sandwiches) or eating out. Most of the planning is based around what proteins are on sale.
  3. I take out the cash I’m planning on spending, and then I hit up the farmer’s market for our veggies and some of the animal products. When I’m done there, I hit up 3-4 grocery stores and Walmart, so I can find what I need at sale prices. This makes grocery shopping a two hour trip, but I think it helps us save money and get the most for our dollar.


Here is the tentative meal plan I made for the week (I’m not assigning them a certain night of the week, but just making them whenever it sounds appealing).

  • Salmon, green beans and garlic toast
  • Roast chicken, corn on the cob and salad
  • Chicken and spinach quesadillas
  • Turkey sausages on a bun and salad
  • Shrimp with zucchini, tomatoes and feta with garlic cheese bread


Definitely looking forward to dinners this week – some good looking meals up there. Smile

I went on my long shopping journey and was pretty happy with what I ended up with. I did go a little over budget, which means I’ll do my best to come in a little bit under next week.




  • Baby spinach
  • Baby carrots
  • Bananas
  • 2 bell peppers
  • 2 Honeycrisp apples (first I’ve seen this season – so exciting!)
  • The smallest pears I’ve ever seen
  • Green beans
  • Tomatoes
  • Baby spinach
  • A zucchini that I forgot to throw in the picture


Proteins and Dairy


  • Eggs
  • Oktoberfest turkey sausage
  • Shrimp
  • Deli ham
  • Whole chicken
  • Salmon
  • Egg whites
  • Feta cheese
  • Cheddar (again, didn’t quite make it into the picture)


The Bakery


  • Hot dog buns
  • Tortillas
  • English muffins




  • canola oil
  • body wash x 2
  • Draino
  • Bag clips


As I said, I went a little over budget. But, I managed to get everything for under $90 – not too bad!



I hadn’t had eggs in a while, so I wanted to break into those as soon as I got home.


2 sunny side up eggs and a sweet potato with cinnamon and coconut oil.


On her blog, Chelsey had mentioned a sweet potato/coconut oil combo. Of course, that sounded amazing and I needed to try it immediately. She’s definitely onto something – it was fantastic.



Of course, with having a brand new meal plan I immediately had to make something on the list.



Salmon, green beans and garlic toast.

I steamed the green beans (am I the only one who likes their beans steamed? It sounds boring, but I love it) and threw on some salt and garlic pepper.

For the toast, I simply melted some butter with a bit of salt and minced garlic, and spread it on toast with a sprinkle of parmesan on top.

For the salmon? I used Julie’s soy glazed salmon recipe (minus the chia seeds). It’s such a simple recipe, but it might be my absolute favourite for salmon. It comes out tasting like teriyaki. Delicious.



I found out earlier this week that there was a Yogurty’s in town – right near my apartment, as a matter of fact. I told Eric that it was definitely happening this weekend.


Yup, already done.

I’ve never been to a Yogurty’s before, but I was impressed! Their flavours were unique and they had a good array of toppings. Plus – they were CHEAP. This is about my usual size for froyo and I spent less than $4.00. That has never happened to me with fro-yo before.

In that container, I’ve got:

  • Root beer fro-yo (it tastes like a root beer float. Ridiculous).
  • Peanut butter and jelly fro-yo
  • Iced animal crackers (which led to a discussion between Eric and I where we decided I need to buy animal crackers next week. That will happen)
  • Chocolate malt balls
  • Red velvet cake pieces
  • Crushed andes mint
  • Chocolate covered marshmallows
  • Butterfinger pieces
  • Mini turtles
  • Sprinkles


Clearly, I was feeling the chocolatey/desserty stuff. But really, what else is new?

The fact that this is so close to my apartment means that you can expect these pictures a lot. Smile


Today, my parents are coming up from London to see the new place. We’re showing them the farmer’s market, taking them for a little walking tour and then going out for lunch. It’ll be good times. Smile

Have a great weekend!


<— Do you have a food budget? Are you able to stick to it?

<— Do you make any sort of meal plan for the week? How do you plan it?


11 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Groceries and Meal Planning.

  1. I am just like you, I am a planner and do my best to find the best deal. Helps me stick to a budget for sure.

  2. I should have a food budget but I don’t haha. I love going to several grocery stores when I have time. Trader Joe’s has some of the best deals!! Well, besides Farmers Markets!

  3. I buy the exact same brand of buns and tortillas as you! (PC Blue Menu ftw, for us Canadians 🙂 ) But I find that I like the Dempster brand a lot better for the tortillas though!
    I never tried honey crisp apples – how do they taste? I only typically eat Gala and Fuji – the really sweet apples 🙂

    • Definitely one of my favourite brands! I don’t think I’ve tried the Dempster’s tortillas – I’ll keep an eye out next time I’m picking them up.

      If you like sweet apples, these ones are right up your alley! Super sweet and crunchy.

  4. Will you come budget for me? I dropped $110 today on groceries for just me. Haha.

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