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Using Technology for Your Health.


Happy Tuesday!

I like Tuesdays…I don’t have to be at school until my TA office hours at 1 pm, so I get to take the morning to sleep in a little bit and relax (or do homework) until class. Lovely, no?


Attack of the Lightbulb

I was doing some course readings (as I find myself spending a lot of my days doing!) and suddenly I felt something hit my arm.


The lightbulb from the lamp next to me suddenly decided to explode, shoot out and hit me.

That’s kind of scary! And now we can’t get the stub on the bulb out – it managed to break perfectly, without anything to grab onto and pull it out. So I guess we’re short a lamp now. I’m just glad it was my arm and not my head. Smile





Look at the pretty chicken I roasted!

It’s only the my second attempt, but I have to say, I’m doing pretty good. Smile The ones I buy from the grocery store are pre-tied and have the yucky bits taken out, making the process a lot more pleasant for me. Although I did find some sort of organ in this one – I think it was a kidney? Pleasant.


Complete with corn on the cob and green beans. Pretty fabulous dinner over an episode of The Wire – definitely loving that show right now. Why is it that I watch all the good shows after they’re popular?


Using Technology for the Betterment of Health

As a society, we’re pretty connected. We have smartphones on us at all times, and we spend a lot of hours in front of a computer screen. I love finding apps and websites that can help me use this time (because I am on my laptop literally all.the.time) to improve my health a little bit.

We all know about myfitnesspal and similar websites, right? It allows you to track your calories and your activity, whether you are trying to maintain weight, lose weight, or just eat better and move more.


A new website/app along these lines has recently come to my attention – Slimkicker.


Slimkicker has the same basic idea of these websites, but they take it a step further. As you add food and exercise, you’re awarded with points. The healthier the food and the more you move, the more points you get.



Whenever you implement something into the system, you get points. You worked out for 20 minutes? Awesome – 20 points.

When you add a food into the food journal side, you get a cute little popup with information about the food you added in.

Popup Feature

Another way to get points on this website is to join challenges. They have challenges in a bunch of categories: nutrition, exercise, emotional…everything from cutting out pop/soda, eating a salad a day, getting more sleep, playing with your kids…and if you don’t see a challenge you want to partake in, you can make your own. From what I saw, these challenges last approximately a week.

And the reason why you’re collecting points – a reward! You can choose from the pre-selected options or upload a picture of your own.


(Yea, I could go for a spa day)

When you go up a level, you give yourself that reward. The gamer/nerd in me appreciates the “leveling up” aspect of this website. I like having goals to work towards! 

A lot of these sort of sites seem to place to solely mainly on weight loss – when registering for this site, I noticed they give you the option of a goal to “optimize health”, which I appreciate – I have no desire to lose weight, but any way I can improve on my health a little bit, I’m game. The goal here seems to be balanced living, as opposed to a simple calories in vs. calories out. Although, if you’re in a position where you should not or do not want to be counting calories, it’s hard to ignore that aspect. I’d like it if that part of the site could be optional – not everybody feels that they need to count calories to benefit their health.


Overall, I think Slimkicker adds a little bit to your traditional calorie counting/fitness website/app, and if you’re looking for that sort of thing I suggest you check them out. Smile Also – it’s free!

(Disclaimer: While Slimkicker has asked me to talk about the site, all opinions are my own).


<— What tv shows are you watching right now?

<— Are there any fitness or food websites/apps that you use? What are they?


15 thoughts on “Using Technology for Your Health.

  1. I want to roast my own turkey really bad, I seriously haven’t cooked meat in my apartment yet

  2. That roasted chicken looks so good, but I’m convinced I could never do it! I am so excited that the new seasons of shows are starting back up! I can’t wait for Happy endings, how I met you mother, new girl, and always sunny in philly. I am also excited for new shows like the mindy project, go on, and partners. Good tv all around 🙂

    • I have a minor How I Met Your Mother obsession – I freakin’ love that show! When does the new season start?

      And it’s actually not that hard to roast a chicken, especially you get the ones that are already tied and with the gross parts pulled out. Just salt and pepper, rub some olive oil on it and throw it in the oven for a while. 🙂

  3. hmmm TV shows … I love Switched at Birth.. and lately I’ve been obsessed with Vampire Diaries haha just catching up before season 4 comes back 😀

  4. I’ve never actually roasted a while chicken before… it seems easy enough. I’m always so scared I’ll dry it out!

  5. I have never roasted a chicken before although I LOOOOVE roast chicken =D I’ll have to try it! Yours looks like it came out perfectly!

  6. I’ve heard of SlimKicker. I’m watching Real World right now. Yes, itz still on, and yes my hubby and I still watch! haha

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