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And Then I Ate More Sushi.



Yup, I sure did.

But first…


When I woke in the morning, I found myself absolutely waddling to the bathroom – Friday’s leg workout definitely took a toll on me! I knew an intense workout was not going to be happening, so I did a 20 minute hip opening flow from Yoga Download. I love starting a Saturday with yoga – it starts the day on a relaxing, casual note.




Protein cottage cheese (1/2 cup cottage cheese with 1/2 cup protein powder), a sliced banana, almond butter and maple pumpkin butter.

Delicious, but I have to admit, a tad boring.  I’m thinking I need a creative breakfast of sorts – I’m in a bit of a breakfast rut.


All You Can Eat, Round 2

When Nadine (Eric’s mom) showed up, she mentioned that she had seen my sushi post from Friday and suggested we go back to Sushi Eight for lunch. While I had loved it, it’s my goal to try a bunch of different restaurants Brantford has to offer. Chiba Sushi is just up the street about half a block, so I suggested we try there.

You’d think I’d be sick of sushi, but no – I love the stuff. And Eric, well…I thought I was a sushi lover until I met the guy. He puts my sushi love to shame. He hadn’t had it for a few months so of course, he was all for it.


I was definitely a fan of the interior of this place. Clean and organized, plus I absolutely adored the little bulbs hanging from the ceiling. So cute!


Ok, let’s do this.

I started off with my favourite sushi appetizers.

Seaweed salad – 


And miso soup.


I was hesitant to try seaweed salad for the first time, but now it’s one of my favourite things to order. It tastes awesome and it allows to get a little bit of green into my meal.


The tempura basket – shrimp and veggies. I helped myself to the sweet potato – of course.


The first round of sushi. We’ve got a B.C. roll (salmon, avocado and fish roe), a California roll, and a spicy crispy roll. I had a piece of each from the spicy crispy and the California, and probably about half the B.C. roll. Loved that roll – give me salmon and I am a happy girl.


A chicken teriyaki roll. I had never seen one of these offered on a menu before, so I had to get one. It was delicious – and look at that presentation! Almost too pretty to eat (almost).


Chicken fried rice. I only had a few spoonfuls of this. Chicken fried rice had never really done it for me.


Deep fried scallops. Definitely helped myself to one of these – it’s seafood, so it’s healthy, right?

The final round:


Going out with a crispy bang, apparently. Crispy crab roll and a tempura shrimp. I had one of the shrimp and I think 2 of the crab – crab is any form is amazing.

I left full, but not overstuffed like I was on Thursday. Showing a little bit of restraint, I suppose. Smile with tongue out

Well the sushi was amazing, I thought that the lunch selection wasn’t as extensive as it had been at Sushi Eight. Chiba didn’t really offer any of their specialty rolls (no dragon rolls, no dynamite, ect), while Sushi Eight at least gave you a few. But, Chiba seemed to have an awesome takeout menu, so I’d like to try that next time.


Date Night

After Nadine headed home, Eric and I went to check out the movie theatre in Brantford.

The fact that this movie had been out for an entire 8 days and I hadn’t seen it yet was amazing.

I am a Resident Evil freak. I played all the video games growing up and I have all the movies. Part of my nerdiness, I suppose. Smile

Overall, I loved this movie (not surprising, considering how I feel about all the other ones). I thought the plotline was interesting, they brought back a lot of characters from the previous movies and video games in a way that made sense, and they were able to integrate plotlines from the 4th movie in a seamless way – something I did not think they would be able to do.

And, seeing Milla Jovovich kicking ass and taking names is always fun in my book.

And the guy (Johann Urb) they have playing Leon Kennedy – I’ve never seen him before, but I would be happy to see him again. Winking smile

Yup, definitely cool with that. Smile


And one more thing (just one, I promise. This post is getting looong!)


We’ve got this little guy for the week!

Eric and I want are seriously considering getting a dog soon, so we’re taking Nadine’s dog Leon for the week. Getting in a bit of practice and making sure we’re ready to take the puppy plunge!


Eric is more excited than this picture suggests. Smile

Enjoy the last day of the weekend!


<— Are there any movie franchises that you follow religiously? I’m expecting at least one person to admit to Twilight. Smile

<— Do you have a dog? What’s your favourite breed? I have a pug obsession. Second choice would be a daschund. I like my dogs small and cute. Smile

<— What do you eat when you get in a breakfast rut?



15 thoughts on “And Then I Ate More Sushi.

  1. I haven’t had sushi in ages and you single handedly have made me want it more than ever. yum yum yum

  2. Oh man, this made me crave sushi HARD! I haven’t been out for any in far too long now!

  3. Breakfast rut? You need some pancakes in your life 🙂

  4. I’ve actually never had sushi….I really want to try it though! I do have a dog. His name is Max and he’s an Australian Shepherd 🙂

  5. I love sushi! Those pics look amazing! I also love seaweed salad. Thought I would hate it too but it’s kind of refreshing. Sounds like a fun night,

  6. Haha loveee this, yay for more sushi! Honestly I could never get sick of it so I highly approve of the amounts and occasions you are enjoy it recently 😉

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