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The Newest Fitness Plan.


I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend! I’m starting grad school, week 3: bring it on. Smile

I want to talk about my new fitness plan, so I’m going to blow through the meals quickly.


Today’s breakfast was a good one.


Scrambled eggs and a muffin, a new recipe that I came up with this morning. I swear, baking may be one of my favourite Sunday morning activities. Just seems so appropriate.

The recipe to come later this week! Hint: it involves pumpkin. And chocolate. Aka: two of my favourite ingredients to bake with.



Two rice cakes topped with guacamole, a smidge of sour cream, and sliced ham. Romaine, sliced baby carrots and avocado dressing on the side. It sounds like the lamest side salad ever, but it got the job done.

I just took today to relax a little bit – I got school work done and Eric and I went to the laundromat.

Umm, when did doing laundry get so expensive?!? $2.75 for a single load in the washing machine – ridiculous. I think we’re going to try and coincide trips home with when we need to get laundry done. Smile


Dinner was featuring a new to me ingredient.


Yup – I’ve never cooked with ground pork before.

Ground chicken or turkey is always my ground protein of choice, but when I saw this on sale when I was grocery shopping Friday (this was actually $1) I had to pick some up.

I went the spaghetti route – easy and tasty.

I love homemade spaghetti sauce, but I honestly can’t remember the last time I made some from scratch. President’s Choice (Canadian brand) has some tasty ones that are decently priced, so lately I’ve been buying those. I do doctor them up though; I added an onion, a diced pepper, the pork, chopped spinach, Italian seasoning, and a bit of Parmesan cheese.


Served on some whole wheat spaghetti for a simple, delicious dinner.

The New Fitness Plan

So last week, I was thinking that I really wanted a new workout program to follow. I do better when I have the workouts written out for me – if I go to the gym without a plan I spend too much time wandering around between machines like a lost puppy.

Well, the blogger gods heard my prayers. Smile

Starting tomorrow, I’m going to be starting a program designed by Carrie of thisfitchick. Carrie is a certified personal trainer who is starting a new online training program. She is offering three options – the Strength and Hypertrophy workout plan, the Slim and Sculpt plan (both for $19.99) and a customized plan for $29.99. I’ve decided to undergo the Slim and Sculpt plan, where the focus is burning fat and gaining muscle. I’m not looking to lose weight from this plan, but I’m certainly not going to complain if my body fat percentage goes down a little bit. This is the plan that Carrie bases most of her personal training on, so I figure it’ll give you guys the best idea of what it’s about.

This is a 12 week program, divided into 4 workouts a week. I’m not going to lie, four workouts a week seems low to my “only-one-rest-day-per-week” mindset. But, if the extra rest is what I need to keep my muscles growing, I’m willing to give it a shot.

The Meal Plan

As I explained when I did Jamie Eason’s Livefit, I don’t believe in one size fits all diet plans. While this program doesn’t have a meal plan, it does give a basic nutrition outline that I will do my best to follow. It’s pretty basic – limit sugar and refined carbs, eat lots of complete protein, eat balanced meals. I try to eat this way anyways, but I’m going to be making more of an effort to limit my added sugars a bit (my stomach will appreciate it anyways) and making sure I’m fueling properly pre and post workout – something I get pretty bad at. Although, I should point out: My birthday is in exactly one month. On my birthday (and hell, my birthday week) all healthy eating bets are off – I will be definitely be celebrating. Open-mouthed smile

So that’s it! I’ll be using Monday’s posts for the next 12 weeks to talk about how I feel about the program and how I feel it’s going. Once again, I’m excited and grateful to Carrie for reaching out to me in this regard and I look forward to testing her brand new program.

Disclaimer: Although I am receiving this program at no charge, all opinions are my own.

<— If you’re a baker, what’s your favourite thing to bake? Cakes might have to be my all time favourite. I love it when it’s people’s birthdays. Smile

<— If you strength train, do you follow a plan or do you make it up as you go along?


22 thoughts on “The Newest Fitness Plan.

  1. I am intersted to see you how you like this. The live fit eating plan is a little rigid and restrictive for me but I love the workouts. I have been taking select ones from it for some added strength training.

  2. Good for you trying the pork! When I make meatballs I always use a mix of ground beef and pork. It makes them incredible tender and juicy!

    That’s exciting your starting a new program. Can’t wait to hear how you like it!

  3. Love Jamie eason’s livefit trainer! I’m in my fifth week and look forward to every minute of training. I get the lostpuppylook too when I attempt to just “weight train” so having a plan is super awesome!

  4. I was wondering whether you could do a post about grad school – how it’s different from undergrad, etc. I think a lot of ppl would be really interested!

  5. I really love cooking breads. Mostly quick breads, but sometimes I break out the yeast!

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