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And Then I Went to GNC.


I started yesterday off with what may be the biggest victory of my week.

In all the time I’ve made green smoothies, Eric has given me a slight look of disgust.

I whipped one up for breakfast today – cottage cheese, peanut butter chocolate protein powder, a frozen banana, spinach, and a bit of unsweetened chocolate almond milk.


Eric finally agreed to try a sip.

The verdict?


I’ve been telling him for months that it’s tasty and you couldn’t taste the spinach, but he didn’t believe me. Now he knows better. Smile

Grocery day today!

I hit up the farmer’s market, the dollar store, and one grocery store for today’s purchases.

The meats/dairy/proteins:


  • marble cheese (normally I go for something a little better quality, but it was an awesome sale)
  • goat brie (definitely an impulse day. Best impulse buy I’ve made in a while)
  • smoked ham
  • egg whites
  • cottage cheese
  • tofu (can’t remember the last time I had it!)
  • deli turkey


The produce:


  • tomatoes
  • beans
  • bananas
  • baby carrots
  • cauliflower
  • honeycrisp apples (why must you be so expensive!?)
  • red pepper
  • sweet potato


The rest:


  • steel cut oats ($1.25 at the dollar store. That’s pretty awesome)
  • english muffins
  • cashews
  • frozen meals (for Eric if there’s no leftovers in the fridge)
  • hamburger buns


I’ve been having a really random craving for the last few weeks.


So I decided it was high time I acted on it.

Anyone else remember these? I think it’s a nostalgia thing – I remember my grandma always having a stash of these in her house when I was little. Smile

I came in $20 under budget this week – I feel accomplished. Smile


After groceries, I had a few other stops to make.

First stop, GNC.


Protein powders of course – I cannot run out of this stuff.

My usual Whey Gourmet (although I haven’t tried this flavour yet – I’m definitely intrigued) and a container of casein protein.

Casein is a type of protein found mainly in dairy products. Whereas whey protein gets to muscles quickly, casein is slow digesting – basically, perfect as a nighttime snack so that you’re not losing muscle while your fasting (aka sleeping). I’ve been wanting to try it for a while to eat before bed, so we’ll see if it makes a difference in my ability to maintain muscle. I’m thinking some of Meg’s Casein Fudge is in order!

Although after that trip, I’m not allowed to buy anything else until payday. Smile with tongue out Some girls buy clothes, I buy protein powder.


My second stop was to check out this place:


Goodness Me is a health food store that opened in Brantford about 3 weeks ago, but I hadn’t had a chance to go yet. Goodness me boasts a selection of organic produce, organic and natural foods, a huge supply of natural health products, and a salad/smoothie bar to boot.

Umm, why did I wait so long to go here?

Look at this: if you love nut butters, this is pretty much heaven.


Or bars…bars are good too.


Aisles upon aisles of delicious-looking, natural foods.

I left empty handed, but I will definitely be back.


For this if nothing else. Dark chocolate stevia, I need you in my life.



Simple, tasty dinner tonight.


Baked chicken breasts with Stubbs Honey Pecan BBQ Sauce, roasted butternut squash (roasted with coconut oil, cinnamon and a bit of brown sugar) and roasted broccoli (coconut oil, salt, pepper, cumin).

I love roasted squash, but I don’t make it often. Probably because all the prep/chopping drives me crazy!

I’m going to be hanging around here a lot this weekend – it seems that everyone around me is sick, so of course I woke up yesterday with a sore throat. Le sigh – lots of rest and sleeping for me.


<—Do you buy protein powder? What brand do you use?

<—Does your significant other/family/friends think some of the food you eat is weird? I’ve gotten so many weird looks from people when they see what I eat sometimes…


14 thoughts on “And Then I Went to GNC.

  1. I love finding new health food stores so much fun!

  2. It looks like you have a huge GNC! Ours here are tiny!!

  3. Hehe I’ve definitely gotten some strange looks from my family after they’ve seen some of my more “interesting” food combos (eggs, hummus, and jam come to mind), but if it tastes good and you like it then that’s all that matters.

  4. My family definitely thinks some of my food choices are strange! That store looks like heaven 🙂

  5. I LOVE my Sun Warrior Protein Powder and because it is always on sale on it is really easy to stock up! Whey protein is to harsh on my liver and body so I stick to a vegan/raw one so my body gets all the nutrition without the harsh reaction. I have had the French Vanilla Stevia once at a juice bar and it was SO yummy! A MUST buy! I always have a hard time buying supplements from stores I really enjoy they have products on their site for half the cost. Check it out 🙂 Love and Shine CourtStar

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  7. I luuuuuuuuuuuurve Goodness Me!!! Another fitness / health nut from Brantford here… I used to drive to Hamilton to get my coconut oil, nut butters, almond flour, etc., so I’m SO HAPPY we have one of our own now. 😀

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