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Sunday Survey – All About Fall.


Surveys feel like the perfect pasttime on a Sunday morning, don’t they? I saw this survey on Annette’s blog Friday and decided to give it a go. I’ve been loving fall so far, so here’s getting into the specifics.

1. Apple picking or pumpkin picking?

Apples! There was an apple orchard a few roads over from where I grew up, so we went there on Thanksgiving once in a while when I was little. I’ve only been a handful of times in the last 10 years or so, but I love it!

2. Favourite apple recipe?

Apple crisp. Cannot go wrong with apple crisp.

(I’m a little tempted to lick the screen right now).

3. Favourite pumpkin recipe?

As awesome as these muffins are, last Thanksgiving I baked a pumpkin pie (from scratch, pie crust and all) with a pecan crumble topping. It was pretty fabulous.

4. Favourite soup recipe?

Butternut squash, easily. I have a recipe for a butternut squash soup with peanut butter mixed in – sounds crazy, tastes like delicious. Actually thinking I might have to make some of that up soon!

(You can tell I’ve only had the blog for a few months due to my need to steal online images. But rest assured, I will get a butternut squash soup recipe on the blog ASAP).

5. Football: on tv or in the stadium?

I’m going to have to say on TV, because I’ve never been to a live football game (does that make me a terrible person?). That being said, I do actually like football! It’s the only sport I can watch on TV without getting bored in about 15 minutes.

6. Favourite football team to cheer for?

Steelers – Black and yellow, baby! It’s the team my dad cheers for, so I learned at a young age that that is who I should root for.

It runs in my family, apparently.


(Superbowl 2011)

P.S. I kind of want to marry Troy Polamalu. If it weren’t for the whole, he’s already married thing.

Really, I’d be happy just to touch his hair.

7. Daylight Savings Time: love it or hate it?

Don’t really feel strongly about it either way – I guess it’s a fact of life?

8. How do your workouts change (if at all) for Fall time?

Any running I do moves from outdoors to the treadmill when it starts getting chilly. I HATE running in cold weather! It gives me awful sinus headaches, so I need to move indoors. I do less long runs and focus more on strength training and intervals, because long treadmill runs make me die of boredom a little.

9. Favourite Halloween candy?

All of them?

If I had to narrow it down, I’d say Reese’s. Candy corn is pretty awesome too.

10. Any fashion essentials for fall?

skinny jeans, boots, and leather jackets. Fairly typical female fall uniform. Smile

This one from Forever 21 is cute! (although if it’s cold enough to warrant a leather jacket, it’s probably too cold for those shorts. Just sayin’).

11. Do your meals change when the weather changes?

I tend to switch my salads for soups and roasted or steamed vegetables. I also tend to make a lot of lasagnas, casseroles and chilis. Warming myself up with food!

12. Favourite fall dinner?

Sweet potatoes. Soup. Roasted butternut squash.

I feel like I’m going to be eating a lot of roasted squash this year – I ate two thirds of the squash I roasted on Friday to myself within about 16 hours Smile


Seriously kind of want it at every meal. Smile

13. Favourite fall dessert?

Pumpkin pie/cake/bars/cheesecake. Anything that uses candy corn as decoration.

Makes me smile. Open-mouthed smile

This is so flippin’ badass.

14. Best thing about fall?

MY BIRTHDAY! Duh. Open-mouthed smile


Tiara + sparkly ballerina skirt = birthday necessities. Although I’m not going to lie, I don’t remember a lot of that birthday…

15. Worst thing about fall?

It’s the longest possible time before it’s summer again. And the shortest possible time before winter.


Clearly trying to hold on to summer as long as possible, as evidenced through last night’s dinner. Homemade burgers with goat brie, tomatoes, honey mustard and spinach. Steamed green beans on the side.

16. Best thing (that will happen) in fall 2012?

I’ll turn 23, I’ll get my first semester of grad school done, and then there’s Halloween – my favourite holiday! (Still have to think of a costume though).


Although I have to admit, it’s pretty unlikely I’ll come up with something cooler than my brother did last year. He made those wings himself!

<— What was your Halloween costume last year? I was a schoolgirl. Original, eh?

<— What football team do you cheer for?

<— Answer any of the above questions! Or fill it out and link it up. Smile


10 thoughts on “Sunday Survey – All About Fall.

  1. This is a fun survey, I will have to fill it in myself sometime! We are similar on many of the answers, apple picking always, candy corn and reeses are totes my favorite too! I could eat so much candy corn but then feel quite sick afterwards lol. It’s a good sick feeling I am tellin ya 😉
    Your brother’s costume is sick, seriously so impressive!

    • Hehe, candy corn’s so good, but it definitely has that effect! I have bad memories of a friend of mine in high school who ate too much of it one day…lets just say he won’t touch the stuff anymore – I guess it’s not nearly as good coming up :-p

      I’m excited to see what he comes up with this year!

  2. i love this survey! I can’t remember the last time I have dressed up, sad I know. I love halloween, it is my favorite holiday because free candy. yep, so low but I don’t care. because I hate chocolate I am all about the chewy candy like candy corn, swedish fish, gum drops, jelly beans… ok now I want candy.

  3. I am a Pats fan all the way baby!! =) Does that mean we can’t be friends? =(

  4. Eee! I totally love anything that gets me into the Fall spirit, so this was definitely a fun survey 😀 I agree with a lot of your answers, especially the fashion one… I actually couldn’t wait to break into the boots, skinnies, scarves, and jackets… although I know I’ll be regretting it when winter rolls around and I’m only dreaming of sunshine and warmth.

  5. Last year halloween my husband, myself, and our friend were “Doug, Skeeter, and Patty” – barely anyone knew who we were! lol. Do you remember that show?
    Also I second the favourite fall outfit – definitely typical female fall uniform 🙂

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