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Rehashing September.


I was going to have a new recipe for you this morning, but I wasn’t 100% happy with how it turned out.

So…here’s some September flashbacks. Open-mouthed smile


Recipe of the Month Club



Working on my Fitness


Moments of the Month



Random Stuff I Blog About


Definitely some great highlights to the month! Open-mouthed smile

Something awesome that happened yesterday:

Getting caught up on the first episode of the new season of Dexter! I flippin’ love this show, it’s badass. This season’s going to good, methinks!


Something less than awesome:

I have a cold. I spent the weekend battling a sore throat, which has now turned into a stuffy nose. Ugh – I swear, there is nothing more annoying in the world than a stuffed nose.


Hope you have a wonderful (and hopefully sick-free) day!


<— Best thing that happened to you in September?

<— Do you get colds often? I get a couple a year, and they just annoy the hell out of me.


12 thoughts on “Rehashing September.

  1. Sounds like a good month! I have a cold too! I NEVER get colds, but of course, I’m in a wedding this weekend, so I get one now!

  2. don’t give this season away! i need to figure out how to watch it for free… somehow….

  3. I get colds alllll the time in the fall/winter lol there’s prob like 1 week that I’m ok lol Dayquill is my hero during that time lol

  4. Awwr sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well, hun 😦 I hate colds. I used to get a few a year, but ever since I changed my diet about 5 years ago and started eating healthier, I never get sick anymore. Hope you feel better soon! Lots of water, vitamin C, and cookies 😀

  5. Colds suck!!! Get better soon! 🙂

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