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Goal Talk–October.


Good morning! How about some goal talk? Because, you know, you don’t see enough of it on healthy living blogs at the beginning of each month. Smile

But first…

When I was making breakfast yesterday, I decided I wanted pumpkin oats and eggs. So I made my oats (1/3 cup oats, 1/3 cup unsweetened chocolate almond milk, a few tablespoons of pumpkin, cinnamon and stevia) and my eggs (1 egg plus about 1/3 of a cup of egg whites) but I decided I REALLY didn’t want to dirty another plate.


So, I just threw my eggs on top of my oats and called it breakfast. It was pretty good with the yolk dripping into the oats – plus a bit of almond butter on the side.

Creative food combo, or just laziness? You decide. Smile


September Goals.

So how did I do with my goals for September?

1. Touch my toes.

I didn’t do as well on this one as I would have hoped. While my flexibility has improved, I haven’t quite gotten to my toes yet – more like just above my ankles (which is better than I was at the beginning of the month, when I was barely halfway down my shins). Toes, I will get you one day!

Extremely unlikely you’ll ever get me doing this, but I can hope, right?

2. Make my new home a home.

Done and done! Eric and I are in love with our little apartment and how we’ve got it set up.


Love! Especially the bathroom (is it weird to be slightly obsessed with your bathroom?)

3. Be socially active in school.

I think I’ve done pretty well in this aspect! I don’t make friends easily, but I have been making an effort to reach out to people in my program and find things we have in common. It’s a good group of people, and I’m going to enjoy having classes with them this year.


I highly recommend making friends over sushi. Smile


4. Learn how to balance school, fitness and life.

This one is definitely going to be an ongoing process! I started a new program that only has me working out 4 days a week, which affords me a bit more time – not a bad thing. I think sometimes I prioritize blogging over schoolwork, which is NOT a habit I should get into. I love my little corner of the blogworld (and all of you who take the time to read it!) but I do need to make sure I keep focused on school. It’s not too much of a problem now, but once I start getting into heavy assignments I may have to rearrange some things.

Overall, I think I did pretty well!

Out with old goals, in with new. Smile



1. Do yoga twice a week.

For extra accountability with this, I’m going to join Courtney in her October yoga challenge! I’m modifying it slightly to meet my needs (twice a week as opposed to three) but I think it’s a great idea. I can keep focusing on my flexibility, while giving myself some peace and quiet time so I don’t get too stressed from school.

 I’ll be doing a lot at home (thanks to youtube and yogadownload) but I want to try to hit up the occasional class at the school gym. Thanks for hosting an awesome challenge, Courtney!

2. Up my protein to at least 110-130 grams a day.

I talked about this yesterday, but just to reiterate.

I want more muscle. Muscles need protein.

Ergo: Eat lots of protein. Smile


Grow muscles! Grooooooooooow! Smile

3. Eat more in general.

Again, mentioned in yesterday’s post, but I think I need to raise my calories as well. I want to focus on getting in 5-6 small meals a day with an acceptable amount of calories (not going to diverge exact numbers for comparison’s sake, but it’s a few hundred more daily than I tend to get now). I will likely be uncomfortably full (and Meg has reassured me that it’s completely normal) but it’ll be worth the physical and mental discomfort if it means I gets more results from my current program.

4. Have an awesome birthday, Thanksgiving, and Halloween.

I have Thanksgiving this weekend, my birthday in a couple weeks, and Halloween at the end of the month (obviously). October is always an awesome month for me – I want to continue that streak and have a fabulous time this month. Smile P.S. the protein rules will not apply as much during these celebrations – birthday cake > protein shakes.


Note to self: Find that tiara again. Birthday necessity. Open-mouthed smile


Definitely a good set of goals to get me through the month.

<— Did you have goals for September? How did you do with them?

<— In terms of design/decorating, what’s your favourite room in your house/apartment?


16 thoughts on “Goal Talk–October.

  1. Nice job on your September goals! I can totally relate to struggling with balancing school, exercise, blogging and friends. It’s a constant challenge!

    My only September goal was to do a leg workout once a week, which I achieved! I swear my legs are feeling stronger already. 😀

  2. I love this idea with the goals!!! (I might do that too!!!)

    I’ve been trying to do yoga too lately. I’m not really flexible so maybe it’s something I should look into!

  3. I need to increase my calories too lol my friend also can’t touch her toes lol but she’s not working on it

  4. Great goals, Sam! I don’t really have any for October, but I’d like to do some unassisted pull ups soon!

  5. Haha I mix my eggs into my oats when they’re cooking! But yes, I’ll do just about anything to not dirty too many dishes! Also, the yoga challenge is a great idea, I wish I’d incorporated more into my workout schedule during marathon training

  6. It looks like you did really well with your former goals! I also do find that studying and blogging (don’t have much of a social life haha?) is hard to balance! I want to do mindless blog stuff wayyyy too often lol. Lame but true.
    I am still working toward my stretching goal and I actually am slightly more flexible!

  7. Just in!!! I thought you’d appreciate this! Today I was walking through the health market and came across Bragg ACV. Drink with Cinnamon and IT WAS TO DIE FOR! I think its like the one you make! If you come across it get it!! You wont regret it!

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