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Bacon Strips & Bacon Strips.


First off, it is Thanksgiving Sunday in Canada! I hope my fellow Canadians are having a wonderful holiday. Smile

Second, I caught Eric eating vegetables. As in, I didn’t force him to do it.


A veggie lover’s victory for sure. Open-mouthed smile

Then, this happened yesterday morning.



I felt very Epic Meal Time – I just needed a muscled guy in sunglasses and a ridiculous amount of Jack Daniels.

Why did I need so much bacon?




Maple bacon cupcakes, anyone?

Family, be very excited for dessert tonight.


<— Have you ever watched Epic Meal Time? Would you try anything you’ve seen on it? My brother and his friend actually recreated the Fast Food Meatloaf. As in, there was about 8 Big Mac’s shoved inside a meatloaf with a ridiculous amount of bacon. I didn’t try it, but apparently it was pretty fantastic.

<— What was the last thing you baked? Have you tried the baking with bacon thing?


9 thoughts on “Bacon Strips & Bacon Strips.

  1. drool… I seriously love bacon so this is an eye catcher.

  2. Oh wow these do look epic! I’ve never had bacon in my desserts, but I imagine that it would actually be pretty good. Happy Thanksgiving, love! Hope you have a great one!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving!

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