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Canadian Turkey.


It’s Thanksgiving Monday, so I’m still going to be celebrating today.

So far in the holiday weekend, there’s been a lot of food…


(Dinner Saturday night)

Lots of dessert…oh goodness, so much dessert.


Slightly blurred carrot cake.

(there was a lot more food consumed, but you’re gonna have to wait for Wednesday. Open-mouthed smile)

Lots of family time…



And a ridiculous amount of Wii Just Dance.


Pretty much any holiday-themed healthy living article that I’ve ever read has recommended taking a walk or participating in some sort of activity that keeps you moving after the holiday meal.


This is quite possible the best way to do so – jeeze, that was fun.

And because I’m cool with some slight internet humiliation…

Note to self: Be more coordinated.



You’re welcome.

Also: I really need a haircut.


Canadians: Happy Thanksgiving!

US friends: Happy Columbus Day!

Everyone else…Happy Monday?


<— How are you celebrating your (hopefully) day off?

<— Ever played Just Dance before? Do you like it? You probably look better doing it that I do!


13 thoughts on “Canadian Turkey.

  1. Wooot looks like such a fun time Sam, family time is just the BEST 🙂 I’m psyched to read more about all of the great food that was consumed at the holiday too! I have played Just Dance before, it’s hilarious and definitely a good time!

    • With moving a month ago, I’m that much more appreciative of family time! It’s the first time I’d been home since the beginning of September so I definitely enjoyed myself.

      I have the game at home, I think I’m going to need to break it out more often :-p

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, girlie! Looks like you’re having such a fun [and delicious] weekend so far 😀 I had a family dinner last night, and another one is on the agenda for today so I have a feeling that I’ll be digesting turkey for the next week and a half lol.

  3. oh man i can’t wait for thanksgiving day in states, I love turkey dinner!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! 😀 Can’t wait for it to come around here 🙂 My Mom is off today for Columbus day but sadly I’m at work lol

  5. That looks like so much fun!!! I wish I was Canadian. Or half Canadian and half American… then I could have Thanksgiving 2x. Haha!

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